iPhone 5 Will Be Significant Redesign with August Announcement?

A new rumor from Boy Genius Report claims that Apple’s next gen iPhone will in fact be a major revamp of the current iPhone 4. As the above concept from This is my next shows, the iPhone 5/4S could very well have a slimmer, ‘teardrop’ design with an aluminum back.

BGR’s sources peg the next iPhone announcement for August, instead of the September reports we’ve been hearing. Instead of an unveiling at Apple’s usual music event in September, Apple could break tradition and hold a stand-alone event for the next iPhone in mid August.

“BGR has independently confirmed that the next-generation iPhone will not merely be an upgraded iPhone 4 as had been previously rumored. We have been told by a reliable source to expect a radical new case design for the upcoming iPhone, though we have not been given any additional details surrounding the design of the new iPhone case.”

This is my next previously reported from their sources that Apple was planning a significant redesign of the iPhone. Instead of simple boost in CPU and camera quality, the device was rumored to be a total re-thinking of the iPhone 4.

“What about a release, then? The consensus is that Apple is going to announce the next-generation iPhone at the company’s annual September event, traditionally focused on iPods, but we have heard it’s quite possible Apple will break tradition. According to our source, Apple may hold an event in the beginning or middle of August to announce the new iPhone, with availability to follow in the last week of August.”

This part of BGR’s report is definitely interesting considering Apple’s track record. In the past, Apple has always held a music event in September that focuses on new iPods. Based on previous rumors and the introduction of the Verizon iPhone this year, it looks like Apple could break its typical announcement cycle in the coming months.

It’s almost here, folks! Stay tuned.