Apple Buys and Domain Names

Interesting news for those who like to keep tabs on domain names – a noble cause indeed – with reports that Apple is now the proud owner of two new URLs.

According to Fusible, and in turn TechCrunch, both and are now owned by the Cupertino web masters, with the two addresses already pointing to Apple’s iPhone 4 product page…

As Fusible points out, Apple does not currently own domains for any subsequent iPhone products, so no iPhone 5,6,7 or indeed addresses.

Having been originally announced back in June of 2010, the iPhone 4 has become an iconic product for the guys and gals at Apple, with more units sold than Steve Jobs has pairs of blue jeans.

Why it has taken Apple so long to get around to buying a domain for the iPhone 4 remains a mystery. Considering the next iPhone is believed to be close to giving an appearance, we have to wonder if it was even worth the bother to buy at this point.

It’s also worth noting that Apple doesn’t yet own, nor It does, however, own the domain, which it bought back in 2007 for a rumored $1,000,000.

Guess that’s why we aren’t working at Apple, though.

Any guesses how much is worth right now?