‘BookmarksBarEnhancer’ Adds a New Context Menu to Your iPad’s Bookmarks Bar

The bookmarks bar is a handy little feature found in the iPad version of mobile Safari, but it’s even more useful with this jailbreak tweak.

BookmarksBarEnhancer adds a nifty context menu to the items in your bookmarks bar. This menu can be easily invoked by tapping and holding on your bookmark of choice.

Once invoked, you’ll be presented with the option to open, open in new window, or copy your favorite items. This is helpful for those times when you want to open a bookmark, but don’t want to lose your current page. Check out the full video walkthrough inside…


As you can see, BookmarksBarEnhancer is a simple tweak, and there are no settings or app icons present upon installing it.

I highly recommend this jailbreak tweak to avid users of mobile Safari. For those of you using alternative browsers, this feature is likely already included.

If you have a jailbroken iPad, and you’ve tried out bookmarksBarEnhancer, let me know what you think about it in the comments section.