NotificationShower: Customizable Text Field for Your Notification Center

It’s about time we started seeing some more Notification Center widgets roll in. After a few weeks of silence on the iOS 5 jailbreak front, iPhoneItalia has tipped us off that BigBoss has set up a new iOS 5 repository with multiple new entries.

We’ve already told you about ScreenLocker, the Orientation Lock button for your Notification Center. Now we’ll go over NotificationShower. This widget is very similar to SBSettings’ Fast Notes toggle, as it allows you to quickly jot down reminders…

NotificationShower brings a simple, editable text field to your Notification Center drop down menu. This will allow you to leave yourself reminders that you’ll see every time you check your notifications. It’s perfect for remembering things like URLs or song titles.

As previously mentioned, NotificationShower is in the new iOS 5 BigBoss repo. If you haven’t added it to your Cydia repo list yet, it’s Once NotificationShower is installed, simply tap the new blank space in the pull down menu to bring up the keyboard and start typing.

Have you tried NotificationShower yet?