SuperSlider: Launch Any Application with One Tap from Your Lock Screen

Over the last month or so we’ve seen several jailbreak utilities end up in the lock screen slider. First came FlashLock, and then CameraLock (both developed by Filippo Bigarella). These tweaks give you quick access to iPhone functions without having to unlock the device.

In the spirt of those 2 titles comes another tweak embedded into your lock screen slider. Like the aforementioned utilities, SuperSlider adds an icon to your slider to give you quick access to any application…


The nice thing about SuperSlider is that you can assign any application to the slider shortcut. You can make it open your SMS, Photo, or even Twitter app from the lock screen with a single tap.

Simply install SuperSlider and tap into its Settings tab. Here, you can select the application that you want to launch from the lock screen shortcut. I had to turn LockInfo off to get this tweak to work, and even then I had some problems.

I like the idea of being able to launch an app with one tap without having to unlock my iPhone, but the lack of stability will keep me away from this one for the time being. If you want to try it out, SuperSlider is available from Cydia and is currently free.

Have you tried SuperSlider? What do you think?