Microsoft Invites Hackers to Jailbreak Windows Phone 7

Talk about a change of pace. Instead of the cat-and-mouse game that Apple has been playing with the jailbreak community for years, Microsoft has decided to go the opposite route and actually invite hackers to jailbreak the company’s own mobile platform, Windows Phone 7.

ChevronWP7 is doing something unprecedented by developing non-approved apps and services for a closed source OS. Microsoft is allowing this initiative in an attempt to make “Windows Phone development more accessible.”

“As you may remember, one of our goals was to make Windows Phone development more accessible. Plans have recently solidified and we can now reveal a solution we’ve been working on.

As announced on the Windows Phone Dev Podcast, we will soon be launching an approved Windows Phone unlocking service as part of ChevronWP7 Labs. This will be available to developers across all skill levels and all regions.”

To jailbreak an iPhone, you don’t have to pay anything. For access to the ChevronWP7 Labs, you’ll need to pay a small PayPal fee. Once payed, you’ve got open access to jailbreak Windows Phone 7 till your heart’s content!

Does Microsoft get geek points for this move? The folks at Cupertino should take note.