‘6Switcher’ Tries to Cram Six App Icons into Your iPhone’s App Switcher

Tweaks like Five Icon Switcher have been out ever since Apple released iOS 4, but apparently there’s still a demand, or at least a perceived demand for tweaks of this sort.

There are many other tweaks that allow you to do something similar, cramming more app icons into a space that was meant to be limited.

Although 6Switcher — a tweak that stuffs six app icons into your multitasking bar, might add more function to your device — what it takes away can’t be justified in my opinion.

Honestly, I’d rather deal with a few extra swipes than ruin my iPhone’s aesthetic appeal, wouldn’t you?


Maybe I’m wrong about jailbreakers in general, and you’ve been dying for a tweak like this, but the facts are stacking up against that theory.

My Case Against 6Switcher

1: Many tweaks already exist that do the same thing.

2: I’ve never seen one of these types of tweaks in anyone’s “must have” list.

3: It’s just not visually appealing.

But again, maybe I’m wrong. I’m sure you guys will let me know which side of the fence you stand on.

If your iPhone is jailbroken, 6Switcher can be downloaded for free on the Cydia store.

Let me know what you think in the comments below.