Google Sync for iOS Gets an Update

For those of you who are not familiar with Google Sync, it allows you keep your mails, calendars, and contact synced with your Google account. By using Google Sync, you never have to worry about backing up or accidentally losing your data, because it’s always synced with Google.

Today, the Google Mobile blog announces an update to their underrated service, giving iOS users three new features…

  • Search all your emails in Gmail, not just the emails stored locally by the iOS mail app.
  • Accept, decline or edit calendar events from the iOS calendar app.
  • Send email from the address you want. We recognize that some of you manage multiple email addresses from a single Gmail account.Gmail’s “Send Mail as” feature lets you send messages with another email address listed as the sender instead of your Gmail address, e.g. instead of Now the iOS mail app will respect these settings.

I’ve been using Google Sync long before iCloud even became a rumor, and chances are, I’ll keep using this service as iCloud rolls out in the next few months.

Check out this Google Sync guide I wrote a couple years ago if you’re interested in setting it up for your iDevice. It’s completely free.

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Have you given Google Sync a try? What do you think?