‘iNetUsage’ Makes it Easy to Discern Which Apps Are Data Hogs

Are you having problems with phantom data charges on your wireless bill? Interested in which apps are causing you to always go over your data cap? If so, I have the perfect jailbreak tweak for you.

It’s called iNetUsage, and it is a tweak available on Cydia that allows you to monitor your data usage on an app-to-app basis.

There’s even a provision to break it down over Wi-Fi and cellular usage, along with setting up specific data ranges for your analysis.

Overall, iNetUsage is an extremely robust tweak that will have you pinching every kilobyte of data out of your monthly plan. Unlimited data users need not apply…

If you’ve been struggling with a better way to manage your data, then seriously, iNetUsage is a virtual no-brainer.

True, it’s going to cost you a bit up front, but if you’re looking for a way to gain low-level visibility into your data usage and consumption habits, then you’d be hard pressed to find a better alternative.

Again, if you have a jailbroken iPhone, iNetUsage can be purchased on Cydia for the price of $1.99.

Have you tried it yet? Does it seem like a tweak you’d be interested in? Let us know in the comments.