Tweetbot Receives 1.1 Update, Landscape Support in Tow

Ever since Alex introduced me to Tweetbot, I’ve been smitten. While some folks claim the interface is too busy, I appreciate the sharp graphics and quick animations. However, the original version was missing some key features, like support for landscape mode.

This made tweeting kind of a pain because I tend to type much faster with my iPhone turned sideways. Luckily there was a jailbreak tweak available to force the app sideways. Now for all of you stock iPhone users, Tapbots has released  Tweetbot 1.1 to let you join in on the landscape party…

The update to Tweetbot makes a good app even better. It doesn’t seem like the developers were able to add push notifications to the Twitter client, but they were able to add landscape support for media, compose, and web views, along with a host of other fixes:

  • Added User/Hashtag buttons to compose toolbar
  • Improved accuracy of display locations
  • Tweet gaps now load above instead of below
  • Lists now sorted alphabetically
  • Login now handles email address or username
  • CloudApp image/video support
  • Improved hashtag picker
  • Fixed translation issue with British English
  • Improved saving behavior for older devices

If you have been holding out on this app due to a lack of landscape support or another missing feature, be sure to check out the new updated version. Tweetbot remains to be my favorite Twitter client, and is still available in iTunes for $1.99.

Have you tried the new update? Do you still like your old Twitter client better?