How to Use Google Music Beta on Your iPhone

You’ve all probably heard by now that Google has launched the beta version of its new cloud storage service. Google Music Beta is currently free and allows users to store up to 20,000 songs for playback on any Android device, but what about iOS?

If you’re tired of waiting on Apple to launch their own cloud services, you can join in on the Google Music Beta party with your iDevice. Much like the Amazon cloud service, iOS users have found a way  to playback Google Music on their iDevices…

Before we get started, you are obviously going to need a Google Music account. Currently the service is only available by invitation, but you can request an invitation from their website.

Once you have received your invitation, you’ll want to login to the storage service from your computer and upload some music. As soon as  you have songs available, they can be accessed from your iPhone or other iDevice.

Just open up Safari on your iDevice and navigate to and enter your account information.  It’s probably no accident that Google Music’s web player is extremely mobile-friendly. Just tap the “Play” button at the bottom to start jammin’.

Unlike Amazon’s player, your music is played through the web browser and doesn’t require Quicktime to open. You can set playback toggles like Shuffle and Repeat, and you can even play music in the background thanks to multitasking support.

That’s about all there is to it. Remember, the service is still in beta version so it might not have all the bugs worked out. It’s currently free, but you do have to request an invitation that can take a while to receive back from Google. Now that we know Google Music works on iDevices, it’s your move Apple.

Are you using Google Music? What do you think?