How iOS Over-The-Air Updates Could Look on the iPhone

With the recent news that Apple is considering Over-The-Air (OTA) updates for iOS 5, people have begun to speculate about how these future firmware updates will work on the iPhone.

If Apple does start pushing software updates over 3G straight to iDevices, a new interface will need to be added to iOS for these in-house updates. A fellow Apple fan has created some mockups of how OTA updates could look in iOS 5

Concepts are always great for speculation, but keep in mind that Apple’s OTA updates could end up working completely different than this mockup. I’m a fan of this concept, so I hope the rumored OTA addition to iOS 5 looks like the above mockup.

If Apple does plan on OTA updates, carrier support will be crucial. Currently, iOS updates weigh in at around 700MB. With the tiered data pricing that currently exists on U.S. carriers, these type of updates over 3G are simply not feasible.

Stability will be a huge issue for OTA updates as well. Firmware upgrades and modifications require a steady connection and uninterrupted time to finish the update. Downloading and installing an iOS update straight from the device with any sort of interruption (battery fail, etc) could easily result in corrupted firmware.

Do you think Apple will introduce Over-The-Air iOS updates in iOS 5? How do you think that type of feature would work? Share your comments and concerns with us below!