ScreenSaver Gives Your iPhone… Well… You Get the Idea

It’s not real hard to figure out what an app called ScreenSaver does. The Cydia application has been making some noise around the web the last few days, so we figured we should mention it on iDB.

For those who don’t know, ScreenSaver takes .mov files stored in its Library folder and automatically plays them when the iPhone auto-locks itself. It sounds pretty cool, but does it really work as advertised?

It certainly does what it claims to do, but I think we are using the term ‘Screen Saver’ a bit lightly. The iPhone’s display typically shuts off when your phone auto-locks, so technically that saves your screen more than playing a video. Not to mention the negative effect it would have on your battery to play a movie every time your phone locks.

Negativity aside, this is a pretty neat parlor trick. I’ve already had multiple people ask me about the ScreenSaver app after they noticed my phone wasn’t black-screened like everyone else’s. The screen shot below is of one of the default screen savers, Burning.

The included movie files are fantastic, but you aren’t stuck with these 5 clips. The app gives you the file path to add new screen savers via SSH or iFile. Just make sure your clips are in the .mov format and transfer them to /var/mobile/Library/ScreenSavers/.

The app doesn’t include any other settings, and the screen savers totally override your previous lock screen. But to be fair, the developer does note that this app is meant to be more of a toy, and should be disabled when you are done playing with it.

I don’t see anyone using this on a regular basis, but it definitely belongs in that ‘Watch what my phone can do’ category. If you haven’t tried out this cool little app, it’s available in Cydia and the download is free.

What do you think? Have you tried this out yet?