‘CleverPin’ for the iPhone is an Innovative Way to Balance Ease of Use With Passcode Security

Can this guy be stopped? Hot off the heels of the super-popular Springtomize, Filippo Bigarella is back with his latest jailbreak concoction.

CleverPin is a jailbreak tweak for the iPhone that allows you to make the iPhone’s passcode lock a little less intrusive from a day-to-day usage perspective.

Ask yourself the following question, and answer honestly; if you’re at home, do you really need that passcode lock enabled?

Some of you may, but a good lot of you may not. That’s where CleverPin lives up to its cleverness; it disables the annoying passcode lock when you’re within the vicinity of a pre-authorized network, such as your home…

Security nuts may be quick to dismiss such a tweak as foolishness, but again, depending on your personal circumstances, it could be a great solution for you.

For instance, if you live alone, or you live with people that you (I hope) trust, then is that passcode lock really necessary while lounging around the house?

Of course, the aforementioned questions have less to do with the tweak, and more to do with your own sense of security, but it’s a relevant question in light of CleverPin’s functionality.

Once the tweak is installed, a new settings section in your Settings.app will appear that allows you to customize the tweak to your liking.

You can designate specific networks for CleverPin, so that your passcode will automatically disable once connected to those networks.

There are also options to disable the passcode when playing music, charging your battery, or entering airplane mode.

Obviously, you’re probably not going to add your favorite coffee shop’s network to your list of pre-approved locations, but this could be useful while at home, or perhaps a family member or friend’s dwelling that you visit often.

As far as the music, and battery options go, I’d be a little more hesitant to use those because it provides you with no protection after leaving a trusted premises.

CleverPin is not currently available on the Cydia store, but it should be available shortly for the price of $2.99.

Is it worth $2.99? Well that depends on your level of trust, and how much you enjoy the added convenience that it brings to the table. I certainly approve of the added convenience, and will happily fork over the price of a tall latte for CleverPin.

What do you think about the idea?