iPhone 5 Production Roadmap Not Yet Released By Apple

When a new Apple product is set to be released, Apple usually lays out a production roadmap for the device a few months before its release. The production roadmap includes anything from the parts that need to be purchased from suppliers, to the amount of parts needed before the manufacturing of the new product can begin.

According to DigiTimes, touchscreen panel makers are claiming that Apple hasn’t detailed production for the iPhone 5. Instead, shipment volumes for the iPhone 4 have continued to mount, which leads them to believe it might not be released until next year or maybe later this year…

“The remarks come amid growing market speculation saying that Apple will delay the launch of the iPhone 5 until September, or even 2012 because of a shortage of upstream components.

While acknowledging there should be a roadmap for each generation of products, the sources insisted that touch panel shipments for iPhone 4 have remained steady, and that they have not seen a timetable to stop current production in preparation for the next-generation of iPhone.”

With countless rumors regarding a release time frame for the iPhone 5, there’s more and more evidence mounting that we probably won’t be seeing the iPhone 5 anytime this Summer, but rather late Fall or maybe even next year.

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