More Evidence Points to September Launch of iPhone 5

Following yesterday’s report from Avian Securities regarding the release of the iPhone 5, a new report from Digital Daily seems to lend more credence to the previous rumors.

According to a Digital Daily report, Apple is planning to unveil the next-generation iPhone 5 at its annual September media event that usually focuses on the iPod.

“Increasingly, I’m hearing speculation about the company possibly commandeering its annual September media event to launch the device instead. Which seems plausible. Buzz-wise, the iPod has been subsumed by the iPhone… So why not spice things up by throwing the iPhone into the mix? Doing so would not only give Apple a few more months to prep the device and the services rumored to launch alongside it, it would re-energize one of the company’s most important annual events and introduce the iPhone 5 right as we head into the busy holiday shopping season.”

It makes sense too. Apple’s iPod event isn’t nearly as much anticipated as the WWDC event that takes place in June, which in previous years has been when the company unveils the next-generation iPhone. So it would be a nice way to change things up a little bit as well as give Apple additional time to ready the handset.

Do you think Apple should release the iPhone 5 in September alongside the new iPods?