Steve Jobs Authorized Biography Will Release in Early 2012

iSteve: The Book of Jobs is an upcoming biography of perhaps one of the most eccentric figures to ever come along in the technology sphere.

Sure, there have been plenty of behind the scenes biographies in the past — some of the good, and some of them utter rubbish — but this is an authorized biography of a man that’s known for enjoying his privacy.

What convinced Jobs to go through with the book deal? It probably has a lot to do with the man who is penning the words on paper, Walter Isaacson…

Isaacson is no stranger to biographies of famous public figures, penning tell-alls about Henry Kissinger, Benjamin Franklin, and Albert Einstein throughout his career.

Although the news that he is working on a biography of Apple’s head honcho isn’t new — he’s been penning the work since 2009 — the title, and the early 2012 release date are recent revelations.

If you’ve read any of the unauthorized autobiographies, no doubt you’re in the know about Steve’s colorful past and present. He’s a very enigmatic character, let’s just put it that way.

One such biography is iCon: Steve Jobs, The Greatest Second Act in the History of Business. It’s a quick read, but it gives an extremely enlightening look behind the scenes of Steve’s childhood, his humble beginnings, and his second run with Apple.

For the record, Jobs has publicly disapproved of that particular biography.

Count me in as one of the many who will be purchasing The Book of Jobs on day one. It’s time to really enter the reality distortion field this time.

What about you? Do you care?

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