GV Mobile+ for Google Voice Receives Huge Update

Google Voice is a VoIP alternative for calling and texting with a wireless number. Instead of using a phone number provided by your carrier, Google Voice gives you a number that ties into its web service for calling, voicemail, and SMS.

There are now multiple Google Voice apps on the App Store, and one app in-particular has received a significant revamp. GV Mobile+ was the first Google Voice app in the App Store, but when Google released their official Google Voice app, GV Mobile+ took a back seat to the features that the official app offered.

GV Mobile+ is now updated and better than ever. Let’s take a look…

Official description,

The ORIGINAL Google Voice app is back and better than ever!

Google Voice is only available in The United States.
You must already have a Google Voice account in order for this application to work.

GV Mobile + brings the power of Google Voice to your iPhone.

GV Mobile + allows users of Google Voice to do the following with ease:

  • picture messaging
  • push notifications
  • group messaging
  • dial numbers via the iPhone address book, entering on the keypad, or choosing from the internal favorites
  • send, retrieve, and delete SMS messages
  • retrieve and delete recent call history
  • playback and delete voicemails
  • take calls from different phones other than your iPhone
  • enable, disable, add, or delete the phones that Google Voice forwards calls to
  • much, much more

If you’ve used GV Mobile+ in the past, you’ll notice how much of redesign this update is for the app.

The features of the 2.0 update include,

  • New UI
  • Push
  • Picture messaging
  • Multiple Recipient Texting (up to 5)
  • Support for all GV folders
  • Search
  • Pull to load older data
  • Key Tones Off/On
  • Default Contacts Action (Favs/iPhone)
  • More Call Methods (call using your iPhone # in app, or with GV using other dialers – customizable)
  • Support for non-standard Gmail only GV accounts (limited)
  • Welcome/Setup wizard
  • Favorites is back
  • Spell check is back
  • Access Call Methods via Keypad
  • Voicemail transcription highlighting during playback
  • Support for GV related call actions (read/unread, star/unstar, spam, block, archive/unarchive)

As you can tell, GV Mobile+ has much more to offer than before. If you’ve been skeptical of GV Mobile+ in the past, version 2.0 should compel you to want to give the app a try. Voicemail transcription and push notifications are great features, and there are plenty of other additions to make GV Mobile+ worthy of your attention.

If you’ve had a problem with GV Mobile+ before the 2.0 update, or if you’re looking for a robust Google Voice app for the iPhone, GV Mobile+ is an excellent choice. If you’re still wondering about the actual benefits of Google Voice, check this out.

The app is available for $2.99 in the App Store.

What do you think for GV Mobile+ 2.0? Do you use Google Voice on your iPhone? Tell us about your setup below!