AT&T Makes Good on Its 1,000 Rollover Minutes Promise

So last month, AT&T, reeling off the loss of iPhone exclusivity, went into all out panic mode and started treating customers like human beings for once.

They started offering some customers the unlimited data plans again, added an extra 2GB to the DataPro tethering plans, created a new Mobile to Any Mobile feature, and they even offered to pony up 1,000 bonus rollover minutes just to show us how much they care.

I have to admit; it was bizarre to see AT&T get all courteous with their customers. Just a few minutes ago, AT&T made good on their promise of an extra 1,000 roll over minutes as I was alerted by text message much in the same way as the initial offer…

I hate the fact that AT&T choose to wait until customers were/are looking to jump ship before they stop treating them like dirt. Hindsight’s 20/20, but I don’t know what they were so worried about anyway.

It’s been shown that the Verizon iPhone 4 wasn’t as popular as initially projected, and most of us aren’t using robot-controlled flamethrowers to showcase our hate for the embattled network.

AT&T; all you have to do is treat us well, have competitive rates, and improve your network coverage. Okay, I suppose that last item is a wee bit of a stretch.

Have you received your 1,000 free minutes yet?