Try a New Kind of Task Management With ‘Time Flies’ for iPhone

Creating a good task manager app is not an easy feat. I’m fascinated by innovative productivity apps (check out our roundup of 5 awesome task managers for the iPhone), and I get excited when I hear about a new, unique task management app.

99% of task managers serve the purpose of either the present or the future. Some apps go super minimal and only let you create tasks for a single, non-time specific list. Other more robust apps allow you to queue and delegate your tasks into time frames such as due dates.

But what about the past? When a task is done, it is usually archived into a logbook, never to be seen again. “Time Flies,” by Absent Design, demonstrates that there is value to be gleamed from our completed tasks…

Unlike a normal task manager, Time Flies does not allow you to add a task to be completed. Instead, Time Flies is used to keep track of what you’ve already done.

You may be thinking that you already have a task manager, and that Time Flies is not something you need. But Time Flies is for remembering the things you’ve already completed, not for creating tasks to complete.

Have you ever wondered how long it’s been since your last haircut? Taking the trash out, washing the dog, getting a checkup at the doctor, changing the car’s oil – all of these are tasks that are usually done more than once. These type of tasks are what you want to use Time Flies for.

Time Flies is meant to show you when you last did something. This can be perfect for knowing when you need an oil change, or when you need to force yourself to call mom.

Each new event in Time Flies is date/time based. You can see how many times you’ve re-completed an event and also bookmark an event for easy reference later.

Each time you complete an event again, you update it so that you can see when you changed the light bulbs last, etc. If you have trouble finding an event that’s buried down in your list, you can search for it or use the bookmark feature.

Time Flies allows you to finally see what you’ve done from a historical perspective. When you get around to completing an event again, find the event in Time Flies and set the time to “Now” so that the event is updated with when you’ve recently completed it.

I’ve been looking for something like Time Flies for a long time, and I’m glad that it looks as good as it works. The design is clean and minimal, and I love having all of my reoccurring events/tasks consolidated in one easy-to-manage list.

Time Flies isn’t for everyone, but if you need help remembering all of the reoccurring tasks in your life, Time Flies is perfect.

Time Flies is available for $0.99 in the App Store.

What do you think of Time Flies? Have you experienced the problem I described? I’m just thankful that the iPhone is there to make up for the fact that I have an awful memory.