‘Instant Mirror’ Turns Your iPhone 4 Into a Self Reflective Viewing Device

If it seems like you can never find a mirror when you need one, Instant Mirror solves that predicament by turning your iPhone 4 into, well, an instant mirror. This is a jailbreak tweak that is exclusive to the iPhone 4 and the new iPod Touch 4G, due to the fact that it relies on the hardware’s front facing camera.

Obviously, if you have one of these devices, you already have a “mirror”, just open up the camera, enable front facing mode, and there you go. The problem with that method, is that it’s not exactly instant, while Instant Mirror is a bit more expeditious in its actions…

Instant Mirror can be downloaded from Cydia for $2.99; admittedly that’s a hefty sum to pay for a tweak that — albeit being a bit easier — pretty much duplicates what’s already there to begin with.

But, if you find yourself in dire need of a mirror on many occasions, then Instant Mirror is a worthwhile investment. Plus, there are a few interesting settings that come along with it in the Settings.app; just don’t come in expecting a modern day “mirrorcle…”

How does it look to you?