New Specifics Emerge on Antid0te

Last week we brought you news about Antid0te, a forthcoming solution for iPhone’s that brings the security of ASLR to iOS. Since then we’ve received a few updated details that clarify some of the specifics surrounding Antid0te, along with an updated release date.

With these new revelations, is Antid0te still the medicine that your iPhone needs? Check inside for the latest information…

First and foremost, Antid0te is not a jailbreak in itself, but a security solution to apply to your iPhone after you have jailbroken. In other words, you must jailbreak your phone before you are able to use Antid0te. This means no new exploit is used; you’ll still use the familiar RedSn0w, PwnageTool, etc, that you’ve been using.

Antid0te makes your iPhone more secure because it uses ASLR, which as we explained in our previous article, is a type of security that randomizes the memory space where the jailbreak exploit is deployed. This doesn’t mean that your iPhone is completely invulnerable to hackers, but it certainly decreases the probability of that occurring.

Those of you with the latest iOS firmware should be good to go come release day, but there are reports that some of the older firmware will not work. If you’re on iOS 4.2.1, you should be covered across the board, no matter the device.

So, the big question is, when is the release date? That too has been clarified, and now stands at December 24th.

We will be sure to keep you updated with the latest details surrounding Antid0te, and will feature a walkthrough on its use upon release.

Now that details on Antid0te have been clarified, are you a little disappointed, or are you still happy to see added security make its way to the iPhone?