A blog by the name of Richy Rich has posted what they claim to be spy-photo’s of the upcoming CDMA Version of the iPhone 4, which is reportedly heading to Verizon in the near future.¬†The device in the shots are said to be running a test operating system, which is a lot like what we saw from the GSM version of the iPhone 4, when photos of it¬†inevitably¬†leaked online earlier this year.

The blog also reports that the new CDMA iPhone 4 will retain its GSM micro-sim slot, which would indicate that the device could become a genuine “world phone” were it to be unlocked. ¬†A few already existing phones on Verizon’s network, most¬†notably¬†those in the Blackberry line, already offer dual CDMA and GSM connectivity…

The iPhone line has remained exclusive to AT&T in the US up until now, but rumors have been heating up as the year has progressed that the¬†exclusivity¬†could soon be coming to a finale. This can only mean good things for consumers, seeing as it lessens AT&T’s “iPhone monopoly”, which will undoubtedly result in stiffer¬†competition¬†and potentially decreased cost for customers.

What are your thoughts? ¬†Would you buy a CDMA iPhone on Verizon’s network, or would you stick with AT&T?

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