So Much For Meeting the Global iPhone Demand

I remember hearing not too long ago that iPhone maker Foxconn was bragging up their ability to pump out 1.5 new iPhones per second. While we knew that meant lousy surroundings for those employed there at least the demand was surely being met, right?

TUAW has a report that highlights Apple’s inability to meet the pre-order demand from the Taiwanese people. Over 200,000 people tried grabbing the new iPhone 4 through pre-order but carriers fear just 1/4 of those will be filled by the years end. That could mean for a lot of angry early adopters…

While reports like these are ultimately good for Apple in the sense that they are obviously outselling their projections, who it is definitely bad for is the workers of Foxconn. We reported last week about the questionable realities that are of those employed by the iPhone manufacturer. Surely being behind on major orders isn’t the way to get your work environment relaxed.

Should Apple slow down the release dates on some of the upcoming countries in order to give the employees of Foxconn time to catch up? Perhaps no matter how much time they have there will just be backordered iPhones for a while. Give us your labor ideas in the comments below.