This is Where Your iPhone is Made.

The way we think of our electronic gear is amazing. We all want the latest and greatest as soon as possible and certainly as cheap as can be. However in order to get that accomplished it just so happens to take some unusually disturbing realities that some people call life.

I’m not holier than thou, in fact I own multiple devices from the very factory of focus here. Business Week took a visit of the place where our iPhones are built. They wanted to see how Foxconn headquarters were doing after their unpleasant suicide issue. 

The full report is a few pages long and far too intricate to report in just a few paragraphs. After Foxconn went under public scrutiny for several employee suicides they bumped up salaries and tried to present a transparent image for those looking in. Slave labor and people dying is the reality that is this company’s past.

Apple isn’t the only person benefiting from Foxconn’s labor even though the company pumps out 137,000 iPhones per day. IBM, Microsoft, Sony and many other highly lucrative clientele are among the Chinese part maker’s address book.

Do we demand too much too fast? Or would this sort of thing go on regardless of how many you or I buy? Let us know if any of this bothers you, even a little bit.