New Mod Brings a Physical Keyboard to the iPhone 4

Excuse me if my biased opinion comes out for the following mod. I loathe slider keyboards as much as I dislike any smartphone feature. That being said, accessory company Nuu unveiled a concept that adds a physical keyboard to the iPhone 4.

Nuu showed off the idea in Berlin and it is said to be hitting the market around the holidays. ModMyI has more shots of the product that works using an adjustable sliding hinge. Yes, a hinge on our beautiful phone…

I don’t get why anyone who uses an iPhone would try to eliminate one of the biggest features the device offers. There are plenty of phones that offer us the option of adding a physical keyboard in addition to the touchscreen. If you do however want the add-on from Nuu it will cost you about $70.

What do you think, iDB readers? Does anyone see this being a good idea or is this just another mod that will come and go? Give us your opinion in the comments below.


  1. I didn’t get it… Is it going to be removable? I mean do you just dock the phone on it an then remove it easily? I guess it works wirelessly via Bluetooth? If so it is a nice productivity accessory for the people that need it. I owned a phone with full qwerty physical keyboard before the iPhone (it was the i780) and there are moments (like that one that I am typing this text) that I miss it. If I needed to type big texts every day I would give it a try.

    Of course I wouldn’t consider it if it is a permanent mod because it makes the iphone look like a $200 Nokia.

  2. There are a number of wireless, normal-sized keyboards that work with the iPhone now. I’m using Apple’s own keyboard on my iPhone to type this message. It is a lot faster than the touchscreen, and still prettuy convenient to carry around. I don’t think a standard mini-keyboard like the one shown above offers any additional value.

    1. why would you prefer to carry something so huge as a normal sized keyboard to use on small phone?

  3. Hmmm, I was not aware we had this option…. I have in interest in a keyboard I can type my normal speed on. I dislike having to type slower than I’m capable of because I have to make sure every character has made it to my message… But an add on, I’m not sure about that…

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