Will You Upgrade Your iPhone to iOS 4.1?

This week Apple will release the iOS version 4.1 for the iPhone. If our calculations are correct the newest version of the mobile operating system will be hitting iTunes on Wednesday, September 8th.

The last couple of updates from Apple haven’t been anything to write home about. Version 4.0.1 simply addressed the algorithm while the antenna issue was flooding the news wire. After that, version 4.0.2 basically just patched up a security issue that Apple left exposed. As far as actual tangible features both refreshes were pretty dull at best…

This time around (supposedly) promises some glimmer and glitz for our iPhone. Steve Jobs listed the bulk of the additions that will be coming our way at the Apple event so click here if you need a refresh. With real features in the mix this time I wonder if the mentioned abilities will leave you clicking the “download and install” tab when you plug your iPhone into your computer.

I won’t be adding the new OS to my device. As I reported on Thursday, I recently reentered the jailbreak community and I don’t see enough reasons to abandon my alliance.

This is iDB’s formal warning to those of a novice level regarding jailbreaking that if you wish to maintain your status as hacked, you should wait for the Dev Team to announce a new jailbreak before updating the operating system. How much do you want to bet that someone still does it?

Are you confident that the proximity sensor will be fixed or are you convinced by our article that the speed of your iPhone 3G will be restored? Are HDR capabilities enough for your to ditch your jailbreak or are you like me in the sense that you’ve found an app or two that suffice just fine? Maybe you just enjoy the cat and mouse game so much that you’ll update immediately and then complain about the Dev Team taking too long to offer a new crack.

Whatever your scenario is we’d love to hear about it. Will you be among those updating your iPhone to iOS 4.1? Are you waiting for the Dev Team or still on the fence about jailbreaking and want to keep your options open? Give us your two cents in the comments below.