iOS 4 vs iOS 4.1 – Guess Who Wins

It was bad enough that many of the exciting features that accompanied iOS 4 weren’t going to be added to the iPhone 3G. It was a whole different debacle when we reported that the device was basically crippled in many instances after making the upgrade.

According to a demo by Life Hacker, iOS 4.1 works much smoother on the 2 year old device than the previous version. The site notes the following regarding their little experiment:

This is far from a scientific examination of both versions of iOS 4. We only had one iPhone 3G to work with and couldn’t run through the trials at the exact same time. As a result, some of the actions are not perfect, but they nonetheless demonstrate some performance differences between iOS 4.0 and iOS 4.1…

The video shows the new operating system outperforming the previous edition in many of the key areas of usage. The biggest improvement came in UI responsiveness, Safari and Photos came next, and the difference in messaging was least noticeable but still a step up.

Is this an adequate improvement? I’m curious how many of our users are still rocking the iPhone 3G. Show your responsiveness by utilizing the comment bow below.