Apple Announces iTunes U Tops 350,000 Files For Download

TechCrunch announces some inspiring statistics released by Apple that show the educational access platform, iTunes U has leaped over 350,000 available files. Even more impressive is nearly half of the 800 plus universities worldwide that have active iTunes U accounts are distributing their content publicly.

Also revealed were the 300 million downloads recorded to date that are free of charge. Institutions supplying the content include Harvard, MIT, Oxford, and University de Montreal…

The platform was a collaboration of the listed universities and other institutions to provide a legitimate online catalog of secondary educational material. Of the content being distributed users can enjoy campus style courses, lab demonstrations and lectures. With numbers like these, it seems they can mark the young program as a success thus far.

I’ve used iTunes U a few times for downloading talks by zen master, Thich Nhat Hanh. Is anyone else here among the 300 million downloads that have assumingly benefited themselves? Let us know your experience and reaction to the these stats in the comment box below.