Spice Up Your iPhone Background Image With Video Wallpapers

There is a new mod in town. Its name is vWallpaper and it’s an awesome jailbreak app that will bring video wallpaper to your iPhone homescreen. Redmond Pie has a video of it in action and I have to admit it’s pretty impressive.

vWallpaper comes pre-loaded with a few video wallpapers but you can also download some new ones from within the application. Really neat!

To install vWallpaper, you first have to add this source to Cydia: http://i.danstaface.net/deb. Then simply search for vWallpaper and download the app.

I have two concerns about this mod though. First, is the fact that it might slow down your iPhone performances, especially on older models like the iPhone 3G. Second, adding a video wallpaper to your iPhone might be pretty intense on the battery and will most likely drain it faster.

Make sure to share your first impressions with us if you download vWallpaper.