Apple Has Already Tested Their LiquidMetal Alloy

More and more is being revealed regarding a story we brought you last week concerning Apple’s new purchase of Liquidmetal Technologies. Ars Technica reports that the futuristic sounding material isn’t so bizarre after all. Remember those hand SIM ejector tools that came with the iPhone 3G? You guessed it, those were composed of the very morphing material that they recently acquired. We should have known that Apple wouldn’t have spent a bunch of cash on an item they hadn’t tried out.

The co-inventor of Liquidmetal’s materials, Atakan Peker, had no doubts about the tool’s composition when he unveiled his very own iPhone 3G. Peker said “I recognized it immediately” and “Take it from an expert, that’s Liquidmetal”. The mind behind the mastery predicts Apple could use the alloy to design a new and improved antenna than the current iPhone 4 sports. The light and rigid material could also be used to make some very creative cases he says, however I don’t see Apple going that route.

I’m just glad that the facts behind Liquidmetal’s abilities are having some light shed on them. Why you ask? I saw today that the company’s stock is trading just under $1 which makes it a potentially lucrative investment. Perhaps there are many exciting plans for the new material and perhaps not. I see the alloy having a behind-the-scenes type use, based on the initial use in the SIM ejector. So now that you have seen it in action, where do you suppose we’ll see it next?