My 10 Favorite iPhone Apps Ever

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Since the creation of the App Store a few months ago, iPhone apps reviews are everywhere. I’ve always tried not to spend too much time on apps reviews to focus more on interesting news or hacks for the iPhone. From time to time though, we do have apps reviews, and it’s mostly the job of dannyswrld.

I’ve received a few emails and comments from you guys asking what were my favorite iPhone apps so I thought I’d write a post about it. Note that these apps aren’t ranked in any specific order.

1. Cydia

Cydia is the only application I use on a daily basis. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Cydia, it is what I call “the other App Store”. Like the App Store app, you can browse plenty of different applications, except these applications are not approved by Apple. Most of the apps in Cydia are free, which makes it even more appealing to me. You need to jailbreak your iPhone to use Cydia, and this alone, should be one good reason to set your iPhone free!

2. Cycorder

If Apple weren’t such a bunch of assholes, Cycorder would have never existed in the first place. Cycorder is a free video recording app developed by Saurik, the creator of Cydia. It’s not the best video recording app in the world as it only records 6 to 15 frames per second but it’s better than nothing. I used Cycorder countless times and I consider it a must-have application. You can see a video I recorded with Cycorder here.

3. Mobile Photos

Mobile Photos is a great application to use if you have a Flickr account. It is a powerful application but I only use if for one thing: uploading some of my pictures to Flickr. It is a real time saver for me as it allows me to put pictures taken with my iPhone on Flickr without having to sync my iPhone or to email the photos to myself. Mobile Photos is available from the App Store for $2.99.

4. Tweetie

There are a few iPhone apps to manage your Twitter account in the App Store, most of them being free, but let me tell you that Tweetie is way worse the $2.99 it will cost you. My favorite feature is that it allows you to add multiple Twitter accounts and you can juggle between all of them very easily. I think I tried pretty much every Twitter app and Tweetie is still the best.

5. WinterBoard

WinterBoard is yet another reason to jailbreak your iPhone! This free application available in Cydia allows you to customize the way your iPhone looks by adding themes, wallpapers, new icons, new sounds, etc… Again, WinterBoard shouldn’t exist if Apple let us customize our iPhones, but don’t get me started on this 😉

6. Analytics App

If you don’t manage any website, then Analytics App is useless to you. However, if you do have a few websites and you want to be able to check your stats on the go, then Analytics App is the app you need. A little pricey at $5.99, it is money well spent. I wrote a review about it a few months ago, so check it out for more information about Analytics App.

7. What’s On TV

Before What’s On TV? came out, i.TV used to be my favorite TV guide app (that was until i.TV decided to load their app with a bunch of useless crap). I like What’s On TV because it’s stupid simple. It just does what I want it to do, which is showing me the TV guide. You can save your favorite channels and your favorite programs for easy access. The app is super fast to load too, which is very important to me. You can get What’s On TV? from the App Store for free.

8. PDAnet

PDAnet is an application only available through Cydia that lets you tether your iPhone. In case you don’t know, tethering means that you can use your iPhone data plan to get internet on your laptop. PDAnet saved me hours of boredom, especially while waiting in airports. The free version of PDAnet doesn’t allow you to browse secured web pages (such as your emails). But you can have full access for $24, which will be well spent. Rumors are that the new iPhone OS 3.0 will allow you to tether your iPhone, but I’m pretty sure it will cost you an additional $30 with AT&T so, I’m gonna keep using PDAnet for a while because there is no ongoing cost to it.

9. Surf Report

Surf Report is a must-have for every surfer out there. Developed in partnership with Surfline, this app will give you the surf reports for pretty much every well known spot on the planet. Wanna know how the surf looks like today at Snapper Rocks? You got it! Wanna know if G-Land is going off this morning? You got it! You can save your favorite spots for easy access to them. Surf Report is free in the App Store.

10. PhoneFlix

There are five paid Netflix applications in the App Store and I can’t think of any reason why anyone would bother spending a dime on them when PhoneFlix does the job for free. You can search movies, add them to your queue, and manage your queue. Isn’t it everything you expect from a Netflix app?

These were my top fav iPhone apps. Please leave us a comment and tell us what YOUR favorite apps are and why.