Record videos on your iPhone with Cycorder 0.9-4

Hooray! Cycorder just updated to version 0.9-4 and now allows you to record videos with sound on your iPhone. I have to say I am really impressed by the quality of the picture and the sound recording.

Cycorder allows you to record videos on your iPhone at the maximum speed of the iPhone camera (6-15 frames per second), with no compression delay between pressing sop and getting to view the resulting video.

Cycorder does MJPEG compression and video files are recorded at 384×288, a 4×3 TV aspect ratio.

How do you get your recorded video from your iPhone to your computer? When you record a video, it is placed as a .mov movie in /var/mobile/Media/Videos. Apparently, a future version might integrate into DCIM.

Here is what this 0.9-4 upgrade brings to Cycorder:

  • audio recording
  • TV out supported playback (does that mean TV output?)
  • no autolock when recording
  • a few minor fixes

I recorded my own video and made it available to you. You can view this video made with Cycorder here.

The application is only available in Cydia and believe it or not, it is free. It shows ads while you record but these ads are not intrusive at all. Ads don’t show anywhere on your recording when you’re watching.