Up There is a Surprising Game

OK, so the title sound weird huh? Well that’s how I feel, really. I first heard of Up There on Twitter. I kept on saying what’s the point?! Everyone kept saying it was a great game. Then the developer contacted me on Twitter. He told me he was going to send me a code just for my opinion (don’t bomb him asking, guys). Boy was I surprised! The game is a beautiful game indeed just as everyone said. It features beautifully done artwork throughout the whole app.

Above is just a taste. The point of the game is to get the balloon “up there” as up as you can though the barriers that might block you, which is pretty hard. But this has become one of my favorite games. It features an online score board so that you can compete with people. The game is really fun. There aren’t really many ways I can describe this well.

The app is normally $1.99 but is on sale for $0.99.

P.S: Just a little comment. One of the developers, Jeff, has agreed to sing us a song once the app reaches the top twenty. So, I’m looking forward to that Jeff 😉