Install Five-Column SpringBoard

This quick guide will show you how to have a 5 column springboard on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

According to Sakurina, the guy behind five-column SpringBoard:

Five-Column SpringBoard is a MobileSubstrate extension that adds a fifth column to your iPhone’s home screen. It looks especially nice with nano-sized icon themes, like Abeo or Pump. It’s unfinished and but should be relatively safe to use on any firmware over 2.0. Works best on 2.2. Use at your own risk.

To do that, you will have to be on a jailbroken iPhone and install a few applications from Cydia:

  • Erica Utilities
  • MobileSubstrate
  • MobileTerminal
  • Ruby

Once this is done:

  • Download this file: fcsb-054.deb
  • Upload it somewhere on your iPhone over SFTP/SCP
  • Log in as root via SSH on your iPhone and change to wherever you put the deb file
  • Run dpkg -i fcsb-0.54.deb
  • Respring

[digg-me]This hack is brought to you by Sakurina and Spazio. If you have any problem, check out the MacThemes forum where this hack is from.