Sidefari review: A clever app that lets you use two Safari windows with Split View

By Jeff Benjamin on Nov 20, 2015

Sidefari, an App Store app first brought to my attention by MacStories, is a release that allows you to view two Safari windows side by side by means of some clever use of iOS 9’s Safari View Controller.

The app, which is available for purchase for only $0.99, comes courtesy of developer Franscico Cantu. Just made available today, Sidefari can come in handy for any user with an iPad that’s capable of Split View, but will be something that is most appreciated by iPad Pro owners. Read More


How to auto-close browser tabs when tapping the back-to-app button [jailbreak]

By Jeff Benjamin on Oct 31, 2015

BrowserBreadcrumbCleanup is an awkwardly named, but very useful jailbreak tweak that helps you keep your open Safari tabs to a minimum when using back-to-app breadcrumb links.

Normally, when you tap the back-to-app breadcrumb link in the status bar, you’re shipped back to the original app, but the Safari tab stays opened. With BrowserBreadcrumbCleanup installed, Safari tabs are automatically closed when venturing back to the original app. Watch our video walkthrough for an explanation. Read More


New in iOS 9.2 beta: a look at Safari View Controller updates

By Jeff Benjamin on Oct 28, 2015

Yesterday, Apple released iOS 9.2 beta 1 to developers. As we explained, the update ushered in a couple of new features to iOS 9’s Safari View Controller.

In iOS 9.2 beta 1, Safari View Controller gets a bit more powerful. It now has the ability to request a desktop site directly from the view controller, disable content blockers, and it can interface with Action Extensions, such as the 1Password extension.

In the video that follows, I showcase both new features, and compare them with an older version of iOS 9. Read More


Apple releases iOS 9.2 beta 1 to developers, bringing more options to Safari View Controller

By Jeff Benjamin on Oct 27, 2015

Apple has released the first beta for iOS 9.2. The beta, which is accessible via Apple’s developer center, comes in at build 13C5055d.

Unlike some of Apple’s more recent beta releases, iOS 9.2 beta 1 includes iOS SDK Release Notes! This beta release is focused primarily on the new iOS 9 technology, Safari View Controller, making it more like standalone Safari. Check out the rest of this post to see what the new beta includes. Read More


New tweak adds Safari View Controller support to Twitter, Gmail, WhatsApp and Alien Blue

By Jeff Benjamin on Oct 25, 2015

Safari View Controller is a new feature in iOS 9 that lets developers enable an in-app browser based on Safari that taps into many of the features that make using standalone Safari so great. Some of the benefits are the ability to use current logins, access the keychain and use autofill.

Previously, developers had to come up with their own browsers for their apps, which meant that users couldn’t tap into ongoing logins, the keychain, or use autofill when viewing the web through these browsers. That resulted in, as you can probably attest to, a less that ideal and disconnected user experience.

Apple has fixed this issue by allowing developers to use Safari View Controller in order to bridge the gap between the sites and data that they already use, and the apps that they love.

Unfortunately, not all apps yet support Safari View Controller. Some popular apps, like Gmail, Twitter, and WhatsApp, to name a few, still use their own built in browsers. SFSafariViewController all the things is a brand new tweak that aims to fix this issue. Read More


How to disable frequently visited sites in Safari on iOS 9

By Jeff Benjamin on Oct 19, 2015

When you open a new tab in Safari, you’re able to see your Favorites along with a list of frequently visited websites. While this can be handy, not everyone wants to advertise their most frequently visited sites every time they open a new Safari tab.

In the past, there was a jailbreak tweak that allowed you to disable frequently visited sites in Safari. Now, however, it’s possible to disable these sites directly from Safari’s preferences without jailbreaking. In this post, I’ll show you how. Read More


How to reopen windows and tabs from your last browsing session in Safari for Mac

By Christian Zibreg on Oct 13, 2015

If you’ve ever accidentally closed a Safari window loaded with dozens of tabs, you know how daunting a task recreating them from your browsing history can be. Like many people, I used to be a huge fan of Google’s Chrome before I eventually made a switch to Safari.

One of Chrome’s simple yet tremendously useful features that I’ve always valued is a switch in settings telling the app to open with all the windows from your last browsing session.

Apple’s desktop Safari, too, has had that feature for a while now but did you know of a hidden option for reopening all windows from the last session? Read More


Google launching deep integration between search and iOS 9 apps by month’s end

By Christian Zibreg on Oct 9, 2015

Google announced today that Apple fans who are running iOS 9 on their iPhone, iPod touch and iPad devices will soon start seeing app content in their search results in the Safari browser.

The company’s so-called App Indexing feature is now compatible with HTTP deep link standards for iOS 9. Owners of iOS 9 devices should expect app content to begin surfacing in search results by month’s end. Read More


Apple brings some El Capitan features to Yosemite and Mavericks users with Safari 9.0 update

By Christian Zibreg on Sep 30, 2015

In addition to releasing the major OS X 10.11 El Capitan software update for the Mac, Apple has also posted a Safari update for Yosemite and Mavericks users. In addition to improving your privacy, compatibility and security, the Safari 9.0 update for Yosemite and Mavericks systems includes some controls found in the El Capitan edition of Apple’s web browser.

These mainly include the ability to mute audio in tabs and additional viewing options in Safari Reader, but not the new Pinned Sites feature. Read More


New in iOS 9: Safari hides private tab information when the App Switcher is opened

By Jeff Benjamin on Sep 27, 2015

When you open the App Switcher in iOS 9, Safari will automatically blank out the preview page if you happen to leave off while browsing in Private mode. In iOS 8, Safari would show the preview card, regardless of whether or not a Private browsing session was last engaged.

There is already an API available for third-party developers to blur out App Switcher previews to protect sensitive data. Some banking apps and other apps with sensitive customer data do this already. But Apple’s method for going about obscuring potentially sensitive web browsing sessions is a bit different. Instead of blurring out the page, Safari simply blanks out everything when the App Switcher is opened. Read More


New in iOS 9: ‘Paste and Go’ and ‘Paste and Search’ in Safari

By Jeff Benjamin on Sep 20, 2015

Here’s a handy new under-the-radar feature in iOS 9’s Safari browser: the ability to quickly paste an item from your pasteboard, and submit a search via Safari. iOS 9 also allows you to quickly paste a URL and submit the URL.

Both of these features require that a user have text copied to the pasteboard, whether that be a full URL, or general text for performing a search. Of course, this isn’t a huge groundbreaking feature, but it can save you seconds, and over time, seconds add up. Read More


How to request desktop website on iPhone, iPod touch and iPad with Safari on iOS 9

By Christian Zibreg on Sep 16, 2015

Don’t you hate it when visiting a website in Safari on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad takes you to a crippled mobile version rather than the full desktop experience? Thankfully, iOS 9 has made it a cinch to load up desktop versions of websites you deserve.

The ability to request the desktop version of any website has long been available in Google’s Chrome browser for iOS. iOS 8 has conveniently brought this time-saving feature to Safari last year.

Still, a lot of folks are oblivious to its existence as Apple appears to have gone to great lengths to burry that feature deep inside Safari’s interface. Thankfully, iOS 9 makes it a lot easier to load up a desktop version of any website on an iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. As this tutorial attests, it is now dead simple to skip those skimpy mobile websites and go straight to their full desktop versions. Read More


How to quickly cycle through Safari tabs with a trackpad gesture on Mac

By Jeff Benjamin on Sep 5, 2015

BetterTouchTool is a free Mac utility that allows you to supercharge your Mac’s trackpad gestures. There are literally hundreds of uses for an app like this, but I’d like to share with you one particular use case scenario that I find extremely useful.

I’ve set up BetterTouchTool to allow my MacBook’s trackpad to quickly cycle through all of my open tabs in Safari using a simple two-finger gesture. Have a look at our full demonstration video and tutorial for all of the details. Read More


How to preview a link in Safari for Mac without opening a new tab

By Jeff Benjamin on Sep 3, 2015

Did you know that you can quickly preview any link in OS X Yosemite’s Safari browser by using a special trackpad gesture? Safari contains an extremely handy little feature, one that often goes unnoticed, which allows you to quickly preview pages without leaving the current page.

Stop wasting your time opening new pages and new tabs just to see what lurks behind a link. Instead, learn to wield the power of the link-previewing three-finger trackpad tap! Read More


QuickSwipe lets you swipe to dismiss videos in Safari

By Jeff Benjamin on Aug 25, 2015

QuickSwipe is a new tweak that brings swipe to dismiss functionality to videos playing in mobile Safari. The tweak is extremely simple and focused, contains no preferences, and is good to go upon installation.

After respring, begin playing a video in Safari and perform a swipe down gesture to dismiss the video and go back to the browser. If you find it annoying to have to tap the “Done” button to close a full screen video, then QuickSwipe is a tweak that you may enjoy using. Read More


10 Safari keyboard shortcuts that everyone should know

By Jeff Benjamin on Aug 24, 2015

Safari is definitely the most energy efficient browser available for the Mac, so it’s wise to use it as your browser of choice, especially if you’re on a battery-reliant MacBook. If you’re going to use Safari as your full time browser, then it makes sense to learn some of the more important keyboard shortcuts to supercharge your workflow. In this post, we’ll consider 10 must-have Safari shortcuts to power up your browsing experience. Read More


LinkCollector lets you delay opening links until later

By Jeff Benjamin on Aug 22, 2015

LinkCollector is a brand new jailbreak tweak that allows you to collect multiple links, and open them at your leisure all at once. Instead of opening the links that you collect immediately, you can simply defer them.

When you attempt to open a Safari link from another app, you’ll get a banner notification that informs you that a link has been collected. You can tap the banner to open the link immediately, or you can let the banner timeout, and open the link(s) when you visit Safari later. Read More


SafariSwiper: a new jailbreak tweak that lets you swipe between Safari tabs

By Jeff Benjamin on Jul 9, 2015

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could swipe between Safari tabs like Google Chrome on iOS? SafariSwiper is a new tweak that brings such functionality to reality.

Installable from Cydia’s BigBoss repo free of charge, SafariSwiper is a legitimate option for those of you who wish to have a way to navigate between tabs in a faster manner. Watch our brief demo Vine video to see what I mean. Read More


Popular tweak SwipeSelection patched to work better within Safari

By Jeff Benjamin on Jul 4, 2015

Whenever you see a top jailbreak tweak list, it pretty much goes without saying that Kyle Howells’ SwipeSelection will be appearing on said list. SwipeSelection allows you to swipe on the keyboard to move the iOS cursor in a precise location. The tweak was so good that Apple basically took its functionality and baked it into iOS 9.

Praise aside, users and fans of SwipeSelection have always known that the tweak has one glaring flaw: its inability to play nice with text boxes in Safari. Try swiping in a search box with SwipeSelection installed, and you’ll see what I mean.

One developer (@pw5a29) has apparently had enough, and has modified the open source project and created his own Safari-compatible version of SwipeSelection. Does it work? Read More


How to mute Safari tabs in OS X El Capitan

By Jeff Benjamin on Jun 22, 2015

Like pinned tabs, tab muting isn’t a new idea, as it’s been implemented in other web browsers in the past. But OS X 10.11 brings native tab muting to the Safari browser for the very first time.

The ability to mute tabs at will brings more control to the user. It’s especially beneficial when encountering those annoying auto-playing advertisements.

In this video walkthrough, I’ll show you how to use Safari tab muting, and explain its ins and outs. Read More

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