How to stop name, address, email, and payment autofill suggestions in Safari

Safari AutoFill Settings Disabled on iPhone

To help you quickly fill a form or instantly check out, Safari can autofill your name, email, phone number, home address, and credit card information on a webpage. This sounds great. But at times, it can get annoying as these suggestions automatically pop up in other text fields or situations when you want to enter different details. Due to these or any other reason, if you don't wish to see contact and payment autofill suggestions in Safari, here's how to disable it on iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

4 quick ways to open Safari Private Tab on iPhone in iOS 15

Quick ways to open Safari Private tab on iPhone in iOS 15

Safari does not remember any web pages you visit in Private tabs. This means what you browse in Private mode is not saved in your browser history. In iOS 14 and earlier, tapping the Safari new page button (two overlapping squares) from the bottom right showed the option to go private. But in iOS 15 and later, that's no longer there.

Therefore, if you wonder how to open a Safari Private tab on iPhone in iOS 15, here are four quick ways to do that. These may seem different but are easy as before.

How to browse the web privately in Safari

A screenshot showing Apple's Safari browser running in private mode in iOS 15 on iPhone

Use Safari's private browsing mode to surf the internet without having all of your information tracked and recorded. Private browsing prompts Safari to block websites from tracking your search behavior. The browser won't remember any webpages you visit and your search history won't get logged. Follow along with us to learn how to open Safari in private browsing mode on your iPhone, iPad and Mac.