Let’s Talk iOS 240: Still pretty appealing

After sharing a couple pro tips for iPhone users, Cody and Sebastien talk about HomePod pricing, and the rumor of a Beats-branded HomePod-like speaker coming at a cheaper price. The two also talk about Microsoft’s low-cost Surface line, and what they are currently watching on TV.

Let’s Talk iOS 239: Accidental pun

A discussion about Google Duplex, the awesomeness of the tech behind it, and various implications it will have (if it’s ever actually released). Cody and Sebastien discuss their MacBook Pros’ keyboard, and revisit their thoughts about Face ID after six months of use. Finally, Sebastien makes #NoseSwiping a thing.

Let’s Talk iOS 238: Quit this racket

As the iMac celebrates its 20th birthday, Cody and Sebastien recount (more or less erroneously) getting their first Mac. The two also talk about Ming-Chi Kuo leaving KGI Securities and what it might mean for future Apple rumors, the possible disappearance of the Lightning to headphone jack adapter, iPhone fast-charging, Apple’s blockbuster financial quarter, and more.

Let’s Talk iOS 236: Tradeoffs and compromises

Cody and Sebastien discuss notifications overload, email, and phone addiction, and whether this is a real issue, or something that just affects a very specific type of users. They then go back on one of their favorite topics: the merger of iOS and macOS. Finally, the two talk about the new milestone Amazon recently reached.

Let’s Talk iOS 235: A natural evolution of things

Third-party watch faces might be coming to Apple Watch, and Cody and Sebastien are pretty excited about this, despite the possibility that Apple will limit what developers can do. And while questionable reports claim that HomePod doesn’t sell, Sebastien is still pretty darn happy about his. Also, Cody’s report on his 3-day water fast. Did he make it? Find out now!

Let’s Talk iOS 234: Mind over matter

Cody and Sebastien discuss the latest big hire at Apple, curved screens in phone and their (lack of) usefulness, iMac Pro, the new iPhone 8 (PRODUCT)RED, and #BreakingMyTwitter. Also, some great advice on pronouncing names you seemingly don’t know how to pronounce, and how to do a water fast the right way (hint: not Cody’s way).

Let’s Talk iOS 233: Understatement of the year

Cody and Sebastien talk about Apple’s education event where the company unveiled new software and a little bit of hardware too. They share thoughts about the overall event, what was announced, and of course, the new iPad. Cody can’t help getting excited about the possibility of a new Apple Watch design. Sebastien is all in too.

Telephoneys: Let’s Talk iOS 230

Don’t fall for the scam that asks you to pay your taxes with iTunes gift card. No, seriously, this is real. Cody and Sebastien discuss rumors of a new smaller HomePod, a revamped MacBook Air, and Apple-branded over-the-ear noise canceling headphones. They also talk about the future, doping, and round things.

Let’s Talk iOS 229: Time waits for no man

Cody and Sebastien discuss the rumor of a 6.5-inch iPhone X Plus, and Netflix’s insane investment in a ginormous amount of TV shows and movies. Sebastien shares the apps he uses daily to keep up with his new year resolutions to be more healthy and focused. Cody is still working on getting a six-pack.