Spotify Anchor gains voice and audio enhancement to record podcasts anywhere

Audio enhancement in Spotify Anchor for iPhone suppresses background noise and boosts vocal clarity as if you were sitting in front of a mic.

  • What’s happening? Spotify has launched a one-touch feature that uses artificial intelligence to suppress noises and improve vocal clarity considerably.
  • Why care? Recording crisp audio requires a home studio and equipment. With this app, you can record audio in loud places like coffee shops or on the subway.
  • What to do? Download Spotify’s mobile Anchor app on your iPhone and take the new audio enhancement feature for a spin (test it in a noisy environment).

Spotify Anchor gains a magical audio enhancement feature

Creators and just about anyone who records podcasts no longer needs to worry about noisy surroundings. With a single button press, the Anchor app will level up your sound. Doing so will remove background noise and optimize your voice. Spotify shared a promotional video showcasing the feature in action, it’s pretty impressive.

Spotify blog:

A single tap can automatically reduce background noise while leveling your voice and bringing it to the forefront. That means it’s easier for more people to record podcasts without waiting for a quiet, distraction-free setting—or setting up a home studio.

Watch the video to see the feature in action.

A podcasting studio in your pocket

The rise of artificial intelligence and machine learning in the past decade has enabled those kinds of features that we now take for granted.

But imagine if someone told you in the early Siri days that soon you’ll be able to record radio-quality voice in a loud coffee shop or with babies crying in the background—on a battery-powered phone in your pocket—you’d have a hard time believing them. Read: How to turn off Autoplay on Spotify on iOS and macOS

How to enhance audio with Spotify Anchor

A closeup showing a woman holding an iPhone in her hand while touching the Enhance button in Spotify's Anchor app
Spotify Anchor puts a podcasting studio in your pocket | Image: Spotify

Simply start recording in the app and touch the Enhance button in the lower-right corner to use the audio enhancement feature.

Doing so will significantly reduce background noise, making you “sound like you were sitting in front of a mic.” Audio enhancement is available in the standalone Anchor app from Spotify for iOS [App Store link] and Android. The feature is free.