Apple’s cheaper iPod touch lineup now rolling out internationally

By Christian Zibreg on Jul 1, 2014

A week ago, Apple made some interesting changes to its lineup of the iPod touch media players. In addition to the cheaper $199/$249/$299 price points for 16/32/64GB models, the baseline model now has a rear camera like the 16 and 32GB variants.

Initially launched in the United States only, the refreshed 16GB iPod touch with a rear camera on Tuesday began rolling out across a number of Apple’s key markets around the world, including in the UK, France, Italy and elsewhere… Read More


Refurbished iPod touch now starts at just $149

By Christian Zibreg on Jun 26, 2014

Apple today discounted the entire iPod touch lineup by a cool fifty bucks while at the same time supplanting the entry-level model with sixteen gigabytes of storage with a slightly improved variant.

Not only is the baseline model now cheaper, it puts back a rear-facing five-megapixel iSight camera while introducing six color finishes available across the rest of the lineup.

Lower prices across the board ($199/$249/$299) have prompted Apple to slash prices on the fifth-generation iPod touch refurbs accordingly, now starting at $149 for the just-replaced 16GB model… Read More


Apple reshuffles iPod touch lineup: lower prices, new $199 model with rear camera in six colors

By Christian Zibreg on Jun 26, 2014

Apple on Thursday quietly refreshed its aging iPod touch lineup with a new $199 entry-level model with sixteen gigabytes of storage and a rear camera added to the mix.

Additionally, existing iPod touch models with 32 and 64 gigabytes of storage have been slashed to $249 and $299, respectively.

The lineup now comprises of the 16/32/64GB variants priced at $199/$249/$299 and offered in black, space grey, pink, yellow, blue and (Product)RED. The media players are now available through the Online Apple Store and ship within 24 hours… Read More


Analyst makes case for Apple replacing iPod touch with iWatch

By Jake Smith on Apr 22, 2014

Apple is planning to start production of the iWatch in multiple screen sizes during the fourth quarter of 2014, Christopher Caso, an analyst with Susquehanna Financial Group, said in a note to investors on Tuesday.

Caso is reiterating what a lot of analysts and reports have already said, adding that two versions of the iWatch are likely and that Apple is planning production targets of five million to six million units in the fourth quarter of 2014. Caso adds one other interesting bit – the iWatch could essentially replace the iPod, which may make a lot of sense… Read More


Upcoming large-screened iPhone described as a cross between iPhone 5c and iPod nano

By Christian Zibreg on Mar 11, 2014

There have been numerous attempts at envisioning what Apple’s next iPhone might look like, especially as the likes of Reuters and The Wall Street Journal jumped on the iPhablet bandwagon calling for two new large-screened iPhones, one with a 4.7-inch display and the other rocking a screen that seemingly measures at least five inches diagonally.

A new report by the rather accurate Japanese blog Macotakara now claims that the upcoming iPhones will expand on rather than replace the current four-inch four factor offered by the iPhone 5/5s/5c, with the bigger model classed as a phablet… Read More


Job listings suggest Apple’s working on new iPod product

By Cody Lee on Jan 30, 2014

During the latest Apple earnings call, CEO Tim Cook commented that his team has known for a while that the iPod is a declining business. Sales for the nearly 15-year-old product line have essentially been on the decline since 2008.

As you can imagine, this coupled with the fact that the iPod line hasn’t received any major updates since 2012, has led to speculation that the mp3 player is on its way out. But a few recently-discovered Apple job listings suggest otherwise… Read More


Tim Cook: we’ve known for some time that ‘iPod is a declining business’

By Cody Lee on Jan 27, 2014

Apple posted some huge sales numbers for the holiday quarter earlier today. During the 3-month period, the company sold 51 million iPhones, 26 million iPads—both records—and a surprisingly high 4.8 million Macs. But not all of its device sales were impressive.

iPod sales decreased by more than 50% since last year’s holiday quarter, with Apple selling just 6 million units during the time frame. And during the company’s earnings call, Tim Cook admitted that it has known for some time that the iPod is a declining business… Read More


iPads and iPods reportedly coming to Staples online store next Tuesday

By Christian Zibreg on Sep 26, 2013

In another sweeping showing of Tim Cook’s operational expertise and penchant for cutting deals, Apple is now rumored to be expanding the iPad’s reach soon by bringing the device to the United States office supply retail chain, Staples. Talk of Staples gearing up to sell iPhones, iPads and Macs dates back to early-March of this year.

That’s when MacRumors leaked internal training documents which indicated that at least some Staples locations would start selling a broader range of Apple products, including Macs, iPads and iPhones.

A new report Thursday has now asserted that several iPad and iPod models will be offered through the Staples Online Store in the United States… Read More


Apple launches $59 AppleCare+ extended coverage for iPod touch and iPod classic

By Christian Zibreg on Sep 11, 2013

Hot on the heels of yesterday’s iPhone 5s/5c introduction, Apple has quietly brought its premium $99 AppleCare+ iPhone coverage to the United Kingdom, France and Italy. The extended coverage plan – previously limited to customers in the United States, Canada and Japan – covers up to two incidents of accidental damage from handling of your device.

Not only is Apple taking the AppleCare+ coverage to more places, but more devices as well. Today, we learn that AppleCare+ is now available for two iPod devices: the iPod touch and the iPod classic… Read More


Apple announces new ‘Space Gray’ color for iPod touch, nano and shuffle

By Cody Lee on Sep 10, 2013

With Apple’s iPod line receiving a significant upgrade last fall, and declining sales making the music players ever-less important, it wasn’t surprising that there was no mention of them during today’s event.

But Apple gave them a little love this afternoon, though, as it introduced a new colorway for the iPod touch, nano and shuffle. The devices are now available in the ‘Space Gray’ color, debuted on the iPhone 5SRead More


All-time iPhone sales are about to surpass all-time iPod sales

By Cody Lee on Jul 16, 2013

The iPhone, Apple’s wildly successful smartphone, is coming up on a significant milestone. The handset is about to pass another one of the Cupertino company’s wildly successful products, the iPod MP3 player, in all-time sales.

The achievement was noted on Twitter this morning by Ender’s analyst Benedict Evans, who pointed out that with cumulative iPhone sales at 356 million units and lifetime iPod sales at 375 million, it should happen this quarter… Read More


Wall Street prepares for flat year-over-year growth from Apple

By Ed Sutherland on Jul 10, 2013

If Wall Street was caught flat-footed by Apple’s lower earnings back in April, analysts are preparing for more bad news for the third quarter. Apple is expected to announce lower quarterly revenue and sales, prompting one expert to slice thirteen percent off his previous forecast for the third quarter. Although a $5.4 billion reduction in expectations might seem dramatic, it is actually rosier than a review of what Apple may announce July 24… Read More


Apple now offering refurbished 7th-gen iPod nano online

By Cody Lee on Apr 23, 2013

Apple has been very active lately in the refurbished department of its web store. Last week it posted fifth generation iPod touch models to the page for the first time. And just weeks before that, it began offering fourth-generation iPads and iPad minis.

Today, the company has added refurbished 7th generation iPod nano models to its website, bringing its reconditioned offerings for iOS devices it introduced last fall full circle. You can now find nearly every late-model iPhone, iPad or iPod at a discount… Read More


Music HUD offers current track album art and more at a glance

By Cody Lee on Mar 27, 2013

Those looking to spice up the volume HUD that pops up when you turn your iOS device’s sound up or down might be interested in a recently released jailbreak tweak called Music HUD.

The tweak, which landed in Cydia last week, has the ability to display useful information for the iPod app’s currently playing track in the HUD box like album art, artist name and more… Read More


Apple is researching iPhone technology that could anticipate your actions

By Ed Sutherland on Feb 26, 2013

Wouldn’t it be great if your iPhone could learn your behavior, noting you hold your handset with both hands when texting and always use a 45-degree angle when making calls?

That’s essentially the purpose of a newly-discovered Apple patent covering an “intuitive portable electronic device.”

The patent, filed in 2011, polls an array of sensors onboard your smartphone, permitting an iPhone to adjust its behavior without you making the adjustments. Imagine your usually annoying ringtone changing to a bit of Brahms when the phone detects your bedroom’s lower light levels… Read More


Apple working on removable device clip with tactile controls

By Cody Lee on Jan 17, 2013

It’s kind of funny that Apple gets a bad wrap for not being innovative enough, because its IP filings tell a different story. The company was awarded more than 1,200 patents last year — which was enough to beat Google, who dabbles in self-driven cars and computer glasses.

The latest testament to Apple’s innovation is a new patent application, which was just published by the US Patent and Trademark Office. It describes a removable clip for a mobile device, such as an iPod, with an integrated trackpad, that could double as a remote control… Read More


Goal Zero’s solar charger kit is perfect for zombie apocalypse

By Jim Gresham on Nov 30, 2012

A city-slicker that fancies himself an outdoorsman, I had been on a quest to find an iOS device solar charger for a couple months. After stumbling into an REI, the GOAL ZERO product line piqued my interest. When hiking, camping, hunting, traveling, or when the world ends, finding a power source may be difficult. If we are all Denzel Washingtons, rocking out to our iPods while we hunt for the Book of Eli, then a consistent source of USB power is as important as our favorite post-apocalyptic weapon… Read More


Apple embedding the exploding iPod ad online

By Christian Zibreg on Nov 20, 2012

This reminds us of Apple’s famously interactive version of the Mac vs. PC campaign spotted at the top of and other big media web properties. This time around, Apple has taken its nicely done dancing commercial for the new iPods and embedded it on various places online, like the indie music review site Pitchfork that in the past ran Apple’s custom iPod touch page-topper ad.

It’s interesting because the publication draws hipster audience so it’s clear who Apple’s target is. By the way, turn down the volume before hitting the Play button. Don’t you just live how the little things ‘explode’ out of the box? Read More


Steve Jobs biopic to focus on products and friction between execs

By Ed Sutherland on Nov 15, 2012

Lights! Action! Steve! Well, sort of. A biopic focusing on late Apple CEO Steve Jobs won’t be a cradle-to-grave review of the man who pulled Apple out of the ditch. Instead, the film will feature three behind-the-scenes glimpses into Jobs’ most famous products. According to screenwriter Aaron Sorkin who was hired to develop Walter Isaacson’s biography of Jobs for Sony Pictures, the upcoming flick will be comprised of just three 30-minutes scenes backstage before the introduction of the original Mac, NeXT and the iPod. Sorkin is known for his screenplays featuring character studies, such as his acclaimed look at Facebook, The Social Network… Read More


Grab yourself a MOBiLE CLOTH, the king of cleaning cloths [giveaway]

By Jim Gresham on Nov 12, 2012

We at iDB are big MOBiLE CLOTH fans as you can see from our previous review and multiple giveaways. “Who would get excited about a cleaning cloth,” you may be asking yourself. Well, after testing the cloth, we were pretty blown away. I recently tried my hand with a MOBiLE CLOTH and it certainly lived up to expectation. Without any additional cleaning agents or sprays, the dry cloth effortlessly destroyed all of the finger prints and smudges I accumulated while killing baddies playing one of my new favorite apps, ARC Squadron during my review. What impressed me the most is the effortless cleaning process.

To celebrate the launch of the iPad (4th gen) and iPad mini, we teamed up with MOBiLE CLOTH to also giveaway a 24 cleaning cloth gift set… Read More

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