Court rejects Apple’s request to revive Galaxy Nexus sales ban

By Christian Zibreg on Jan 31, 2013

In another round of legal back and forth, a U.S. appeals court on Thursday again rejected Apple’s attempt at the Galaxy Nexus sales ban, Reuters reports. The news gathering organization characterized the court’s decision as “dashing the iPhone maker’s attempt to recover crucial leverage in the global patent wars”.

Apple could still appeal the decision to the United States Supreme Court though success is not guaranteed as the high court “has made it more difficult for patent plaintiffs to secure sales injunctions in recent years”.

The full trial is scheduled for March 2014. The Galaxy Nexus case is based on patents that were not part of the high-stake Apple v. Samsung trial which culminated when a California jury awarded Apple with $1.05 billion in damages in August 2012… Read More


Chitika: iPad rules ‘biggest ever’ holiday

By Ed Sutherland on Dec 29, 2012

How did holiday sales of tablets shake out? Although sales numbers aren’t yet available, we can get some idea of which devices were in most demand. For instance, Amazon’s Kindle Fire, followed by Samsung’s Galaxy tablets and Google Nexus devices were the top three non-iPad products serving ad impressions in December, according to an ad firm.

Although the iPad (both the full-size versions and the iPad mini) accounts for 87 percent of U.S. and Canadian tablet-based ad impressions, the Kindle Fire was next best with 4.25 percent of tablet traffic. The Samsung Galaxy tablets had 2.65 percent, while the Google Nexus family of tablets garnered 1.06 percent of tablet traffic, according to ad network Chitika… Read More


Apple aggressively demands that retailers cease stocking banned Galaxy gear

By Christian Zibreg on Jul 13, 2012

Apple is reportedly going after several United States-based resellers and wireless carriers who have Samsung’s Galaxy gadgets on offer, choosing to send takedown notices stemming from a recent sales ban rulings.

In a report over at his blog FOSS Patents, patent expert Florian Müeller notes that Apple’s legal sharks contacted U.S. telcos and retailers, demanding they remove the banned Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet and Galaxy Nexus smartphone… Read More


Sprint intervenes, opposes Galaxy Nexus ban

By Christian Zibreg on Jul 10, 2012

The iPhone-friendly carrier Sprint, the nation’s third-largest telco, today filed amicus brief (a legal opinion) with the Federal Circuit concerning a sales injunction against Samsung’s Galaxy Nexus smartphone sought by Apple. Sprint is arguing that no party, Apple included, should be allowed to leverage a sales ban as “a staple of the smartphone wars”.

The carrier paints itself as an “unwitting victim” of the large-scale Apple-Samsung legal wrangling, saying it just wants the issue to be fully resolved without an immediate ban… Read More


Court of Appeals suspends Galaxy Nexus injunction, upholds Tab ban

By Cody Lee on Jul 6, 2012

There have been some significant developments in the Samsung v. Apple patent dispute case this afternoon. The last we heard, Apple had won U.S. injunctions on both the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, and the Galaxy Nexus, and motions to stay those orders had been denied.

Samsung’s last hope was for the Washington D.C.-based Court of Appeals to get involved, as it has jurisdiction over all IP proceedings. And it looks like it has made its decision on both cases this afternoon, ruling to uphold one ban, and suspend the other… Read More


Galaxy Nexus pulled from Google Play Store in wake of Apple injunction

By Cody Lee on Jul 4, 2012

That didn’t take long. Less than 12 hours after Judge Lucy Koh denied Samsung’s request to stay the Galaxy Nexus injunction, the handset disappears from Google Play Stores.

Last week, Apple was able to convince Koh that the Nexus was infringing on its patents — enough to warrant a preliminary ban. And it looks like that ban is already in effect… Read More


Judge denies Samsung’s request to lift Galaxy Nexus ban

By Cody Lee on Jul 3, 2012

Just 24 hours after denying Samsung’s motion to stay the Galaxy Tab injunction, Judge Lucy Koh has rejected the company’s request to lift the ban on the Galaxy Nexus.

As it stands, Samsung will be forced to stop selling both the tablet and handset in the United States, unless the Court of Appeals steps in. But Google has a plan… Read More


Google and Samsung have a game plan to both get money from Apple

By Christian Zibreg on Jul 2, 2012

As if the fact that Samsung – Apple’s main supplier of processors, displays and flash memory chips – has been struggling to fend off Apple’s legal blows wasn’t enough, a new report out today has it that the maker of Galaxy smartphones and tablets is joining forces with Google as both firms seek to pressure Apple into a cross-licensing deal, with Cupertino paying both Samsung and Google to settle ongoing patenting woes.

If anything, Google openly supporting Samsung in the courtroom suggests nervousness on the part of both technology giants, especially as the latter has recently suffered a pair of legal setbacks concerning devices running Androids software, with potentially far-reaching consequences for the thriving Android ecosystem… Read More


Samsung seeks stay of order on Galaxy Nexus sales ban

By Christian Zibreg on Jul 2, 2012

South Korea-based Samsung today filed a motion today to appeal a preliminary injunction from the United States District Court Judge Lucy Koh from last Friday, concerning its Galaxy Nexus smartphone.

CNET reports that Samsung wrote in court documents that the order is “inconsistent” with directives regarding share losses… Read More