FaceTime connectivity issues reaching many iOS users

By Jake Smith on Apr 17, 2014

Users on iOS 6, iOS 7, and Macs are having issues connecting FaceTime video calls on Thursday.

Many complaints have rung across Twitter and Apple Support communities. Even some of our devices here at iDownloadBlog are unable to connect for unknown reasons.  Read More


FaceTime Plus is like Chatroulette for FaceTime

By Lory Gil on Mar 13, 2014

I’m fairly certain that many of our readers have heard of, if not actually participated in the Internet phenomenon of Chatroulette. A quick summary of the activity is that people visit the website, click on a link and are able to chat with perfect strangers via webcam.

FaceTime Plus is very similar to Chatroulette, except you connect through your iPhone or iPad and it uses FaceTime for video. While the explicit content may be at a minimum right now, don’t worry. Human nature will kick in soon and you will be seeing more skin than you’ve ever wanted in no time at all… Read More


VirnetX files motion to add Apple’s newest products to latest infringement suit

By Cody Lee on Jan 14, 2014

VirnetX announced today that it will attempt to add Apple’s most recent slate of products—including the iPhone 5s and iPad Air—to its ongoing patent infringement suit against the company. It filed the motion this morning in the US District Court for the Eastern District of Texas.

For those unfamiliar with VirnetX, it’s a well-known patent holding firm that won in upwards of $400 million in damages from Apple in a case involving the FaceTime feature last year. Apple has since changed the feature to avoid further infringement, but apparently not enough… Read More


Researchers have found a way to discreetly activate Mac iSight cameras

By Cody Lee on Dec 18, 2013

Hackers have long had the ability to infiltrate a person’s personal computer, and enable their webcam without their knowledge. We’ve been hearing horror stories about this for years, where users were covertly spied on through their PC’s camera.

But Mac owners have always been led to believe that this can’t happen with the iSight camera, because it’s designed to always illuminate the adjacent green light every time it’s active. Researchers have found a way, though, to get around this behavior… Read More


How to fix intermittent iMessage and FaceTime activation issues

By Christian Zibreg on Oct 1, 2013

Judging by a growing thread on Apple’s support forums, an unknown portion of people seem to be experiencing issues activating FaceTime and/or iMessage after upgrading their iPhone, iPod touch or iPad to iOS 7. On top of that, some of  those who’ve successfully activated the services complain about not being able to send or receive messages, iMessage not falling back to SMS, being able to receive messages but not media and more.

Turns out a few remedies exist to help fix these woes so I’ve included them for your convenience right after the break… Read More


Apple researching automatic FaceTime camera selection

By Ed Sutherland on Aug 29, 2013

With the growing number of handsets – including the iPhone – which include both front and rear-facing cameras, there is that decision during FaceTime calls and videoconferencing on where the focus should be: the caller or the subject? Now comes word Apple wants to automate that question, using cues to switch between the two video streams.

In a just-published patent application, the iPhone maker proposes software that can select the front or rear camera by watching for moving lips or listening for speech. The invention could come in handy for the growing denizens of news people becoming their own photographers, as well as creating better family vacation flicks… Read More


Apple posts new ‘FaceTime Every Day’ ad

By Cody Lee on Aug 6, 2013

Apple has posted a new TV spot to its YouTube channel and website tonight called ‘FaceTime Every Day.’ It’s the third in a series of advertisements, and like the others—Music Every Day and Photos Every Day—it focuses on a single feature.

More specifically, the ad focuses on Apple’s FaceTime video calling feature. And inline with the previous commercials in the series, it shows how a variety of different people from around the globe use the feature in their every day lives. Watch… Read More


Apple trademarks new green FaceTime logo

By Cody Lee on Jun 30, 2013

Here we are, nearly 3 weeks after Apple took the wraps off of iOS 7, and folks are still talking about the drastic redesign. The overall consensus seems to be that most people like it, but many are hoping that Apple will do some serious fine-tuning before its public release this fall.

In fact, rumor has it that the software isn’t nearly as far along as previous versions have been in their initial betas. So even the folks that are unhappy with iOS 7′s current state are optimistic that it will see big changes. But if this new trademark filing is any indication, it won’t… Read More


iOS 7 to allow FaceTime audio calls

By Sébastien Page on Jun 10, 2013

Ask and you shall receive.

This is what I thought when I found out that iOS 7 will have a new feature which will let you perform audio calls via FaceTime. It was only two weeks ago that I publicly asked for this new feature and it’s is now a reality. Did Apple hear me? Probably not, but it’s good to know this is coming to an iOS device near you soon.

Dubbed as FaceTime audio, it’s not hard to imagine this feature being a direct competitor to Skype… Read More


AT&T will enable FaceTime over cellular for everyone by year’s end

By Christian Zibreg on May 20, 2013

In a surprising move, telco AT&T is backtracking from its nonsensical policy of restricting FaceTime to its customers who subscribed to a Mobile Share data plan.

Today we learn that AT&T is promising to enable any video chatting application over cellular for all users, regardless of their data plan or device.

In a statement to The Verge, the wireless carrier said that by mid-June it will enable video chatting over cellular for its unlimited plan customers who have LTE devices from Apple, Samsung or BlackBerry, enabling these services for all customers throughout the second half of this year… Read More


Judge upholds $368 million VirnetX court victory over Apple

By Cody Lee on Feb 27, 2013

Last November, a federal jury ordered Apple to pay patent holding firm VirnetX $368 million in a patent lawsuit. The court found the iPad-maker guilty of infringing on its networking patents with its FaceTime video chat feature.

Today, Judge Leonard Davis upheld the ruling, denying Apple’s request for a new trial. This means that it’s about to have to dole out one of the largest court-mandated settlements in its history to, what is essentially, a patent troll… Read More


Free Press launches AT&T petition site over FaceTime rules

By Cody Lee on Jan 19, 2013

Last week, AT&T announced that it was going to be opening up FaceTime over cellular to all tiered data plans. This is the latest in a string of policy changes made by the carrier to appease the Net Neutrality groups.

But it doesn’t look like the groups were very impressed. In response to AT&T’s decision to continue to exclude the feature from those on grandfathered unlimited data plans, the Free Press has setup a petition site… Read More


AT&T opens up FaceTime over cellular to all tiered data plans

By Cody Lee on Jan 16, 2013

AT&T has announced this morning that it will be once again be expanding support for iOS 6′s FaceTime over cellular for its subscribers. It appears that all iOS users who are on a tiered data plan, will be able to utilize the feature from any FaceTime compatible device.

The carrier took quite a bit of heat last year when it initially announced that FaceTime over cellular would only be available to iOS users on its shared data plans. It later opened up the feature to legacy data plans, and then to LTE users. And now it’s available for all… Read More


AT&T reportedly extending FaceTime over Cellular to all customers

By Cody Lee on Nov 21, 2012

AT&T rustled some feathers back in August when it announced that it would only allow its subscribers on its new Shared data plans to utilize the FaceTime over Cellular feature in iOS 6.

Then earlier this month, the carrier said that it would be opening up the feature to legacy data plans. And as it turns out, it looks like this might actually include unlimited plans as well… Read More


AT&T announces new FaceTime over Cellular policy

By Cody Lee on Nov 8, 2012

AT&T has announced today that it is reversing its decision to limit iOS 6′s FaceTime over Cellular ability to customers on its new shared data plans. The carrier says that subscribers with LTE devices will now be able to use the feature regardless of what data plan they’re on, as long as it’s not unlimited… Read More


Tweaked third gen iPad could have improved FaceTime camera

By Cody Lee on Oct 22, 2012

In addition to the iPad mini, and a handful of other announcements, Apple is widely expected to unveil a tweaked version of its current full-sized tablet at its media event tomorrow.

The retooled slate is said to feature a handful of changes, including Apple’s new Lightning connector, a global LTE chip and, if these images are legit, an improved FaceTime camera… Read More


FaceTime preview window now reflects aspect ratio of the caller’s device

By Christian Zibreg on Oct 21, 2012

In addition to the big ones in iOS 6 and a host of lesser-known but otherwise welcome enhancements, every now and then a small tweak surfaces, capturing our imagination and delighting us with simplicity. More often than not, these little nuggets clearly prove Apple remains as obsessed with agonizing over every little aspect of its products as it’s ever been. For example, the FaceTime preview window where a live video stream of the person you’re calling is displayed now indicates their device’s aspect ratio… Read More


Net neutrality complaint over AT&T FaceTime blocking looms

By Christian Zibreg on Sep 18, 2012

AT&T’s initial decision to charge for FaceTime video calls made over its cellular network and the subsequently tweaked rules mandating that FaceTime over cellular users sign up for AT&T’s Mobile Share plans both provoked a public outrage which almost snowballed into a PR catastrophe.

Deciding someone should take the nation’s biggest carrier to task for taking advantage of its unsuspecting customers, advocacy group Public Knowledge (PG) figured that AT&T’s policy violates net neutrality rules by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

The group is mulling an investigation into AT&T’s practices as Public Knowledge, Free Press and the New America Foundation’s Open Technology Institute all plan to file a complaint with the FCC for AT&T’s violation of network neutrality rules… Read More


Verizon says yes to FaceTime, but no to unlimited data

By Cody Lee on Sep 13, 2012

AT&T kickstarted some controversy last month when it announced that customers would have to switch to one of its Shared data plans to utilize iOS 6′s new FaceTime over Cellular feature.

But it looks like if this is a deal-breaker for you, you can head over to Verizon. The carrier has just confirmed that FaceTime over Cellular will work with any of its available data plans… Read More


Everything you need to know about today’s iPhone 5 event

By Ed Sutherland on Sep 12, 2012

The iPhone 5 is finally here.

After Apple in 2011 unveiled the iPhone 4S — when everyone and his mother expected the iPhone 5 — the wizards of Cupertino introduced a smartphone for everyone. Want something smaller? Check. How about a big screen? Got you covered. Need power? No problem. Although this was the first post-Steve Jobs iPhone rollout, there was enough technology and geekitude on display today that even the Man in Black would have had a tough time fitting in just one more thing.

Most of the rumors about the iPhone were confirmed. The iPhone 5 sports a 4-inch (1136 x 640) display enclosed in an aluminum and glass shell. That larger display is becoming defacto on smartphones. Not to be outdone designwise by Android, Apple pushed suppliers to use an in-cell manufacturing technique that embeds the technology used in an edge-to-edge touchscreen, eliminating the need for a separate layer. Read More

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