On older iPhones, Reachability can be used by tapping the Home button twice.

On iPhone X, Reachability requires that you swipe down over the Home indicator at the screen bottom or, alternatively, swipe up and down quickly from the bottom edge of the display.

Some people may find this gesture a bit on the awkward side due to iPhone X’s almost fullscreen design which makes performing it a bit risky—my iPhone X almost slipped out of my hand when I tried to swipe up and down from the very bottom while holding it in one hand.

Thankfully, there’s a safer way to use Reachability on iPhone X.

Another way to use Reachability on iPhone X

Reachability, disabled by default, is an accessibility feature.

1) Go to Settings → General → Accessibility.

2) Slide the toggle Reachability to the ON position to enable Reachability.

3) With Reachability turned on, begin swiping up from the bottom of the display as you would were you to use the app switcher. As soon as iOS starts scaling down the currently active app into its own card, swipe down rapidly without lifting the finger.

And that’s it, Reachability should now activate.

It’s basically a safer version of the Apple-sanctioned gesture with one difference: rather than swipe up and down on the Home indicator area, you perform a longer swipe-up-and-down which doesn’t make the phone unstable if you’re not gripping it tightly in your hand.

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To exit Reachability, swipe up from the bottom of the display.

Here’s a video from a Reddit poster showing this gesture in action.

PSA: There’s a much more fun way to invoke Reachability on iPhone X (video) from apple

Reachability brings the furtherest edge of the display into reach, which lets you use your phone in one-handed mode. When activated, it pushes onscreen content halfway down so that you can reach buttons and other user interface controls more easily with your thumb.

Don’t forget you can access Notification Center or Control Center one-handed in Reachability by swiping down from the middle-center or middle-right section of the screen, respectively.

The Reachability feature does not work in landscape mode.

Reachability is supported on any iPhone model from iPhone 6 onward.

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Andrew’s video walkthrough seen below explains using Reachability the way Apple intended.

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To enter Reachability on older iPhone models, double-tap the Home button.

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  • czbird

    You forgot to mention that you need to swipe down all the way and off the screen. Had to watch the video to get it working.

  • Marc Garneau

    The video demonstration is with two hands, which is funny since I only use reachability when I don’t have my second hand to reach the top of the phone. How does this work, one handed? Is the phone still stable to hold?

  • Mike

    If you read the thread I argue you aren’t achieving anything different. You still have to swipe down over the bar. If you watch the video not only is he doing 2 hand gesture for something that should be 1 he’s swiping down over the bar every time. Swiping up just adds and extra step to achieve the same thing.

    It’s funny though everyone’s raving over this yet he’s done nothing special and people complain all the time about extra steps. Why is this okay while others are not?

  • Ruck

    This all works if you have a case that has no edge protection or no case st out. Virtually impossible with any decent case on.

  • Why not just swipe up on the bar?

    • blackout

      you’re not smart are you?

      • Explain yourself if you’re so intelligent…

      • blackout

        that’s how you close apps. SMH

      • Nigga it was a typo. I meant down for reachability. You will miss the whole point just to harp on some little shit. Bet you’re a lot of fun.

  • MMA Rules

    This is not what reachability is meant for! Reachability is meant for one hand use! Thank you!