Samsung’s Qi charger is an affordable way to wirelessly charge your new iPhone X or iPhone 8.

Believe it or not, Samsung makes some of the better wireless chargers on the market. We recently went hands-on with their fast-charging wireless pad that’s compatible with the ubiquitous Qi standard. As such, it supports Apple’s latest iPhone X and iPhone 8 smartphone series, as well as a myriad of Android phones that already support the Qi charging standard.

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Like with other chargers, you place your phone down on the Samsung charging mat and it automatically starts charging up. It comes with a 2A wall charger and supplies 5W or 7.5W of power to your new iPhone (or 10W of power to Android devices).

iPhone owners won’t be able to use faster 7.5W wireless charging until iOS 11.2 comes out.

It’s worth pointing out that the 7.5W standard offers negligible improvements in Qi wireless charging speed over the 5W standard implemented on the latest iPhones. Wireless charging is about convenience, not speed—if you need to fast-charge your iPhone, use the 12W iPad power brick or Apple’s 29W USB-C charger with a Lightning to USB-C cable.

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I have an iPhone X and plan on buying a wireless charging mat.

I’ll be still using my iPad power brick to charge my iPhone from dead or low power to full, but for everything else I’ll be using wireless charging. Especially when I’m working or throughout the day, I’ll be placing my iPhone on the charging pad to top up my phone when not in use.

Samsung’s Qi charger comes in White and Black Sapphire.

With its status indicator light, overcharging protection, a 1-year warranty, low price, the included power brick and a 4-star rating on Amazon on nearly 10,000 reviews, this is a viable option for new iPhone owners looking to jump on the wireless charging bandwagon.

What’s your favorite wireless charging mat or fast-charger?

Sound off in the comments!

  • Evan

    I have this charger for my iPhone X and it’s one of the few to come with the wall charger at the price point. The white version looks great and is easier to find in the dark. Works great and the blue light really doesn’t bother me at night on the bedside table. The only weird thing is having the “Samsung” name on it when dropping my iPhone on top!

  • Bacillus

    I just can’t wait to use sapphire or on my iPhone
    ( …. ehhh charger ?)

  • nonchalont

    Good to see Samsung and Apple play nice with each other ?. It’s a love, hate relationship ?

    • John

      More like love to hate each other ??

    • techfreak23

      It wasn’t a conscious decision by Apple or Samsung. Just the Qi standard…

  • ScanSpeak

    I bought 2 mophie 7.5 watt chargers.

    One in my office. One on my nightstand

    My iPhone X is never below 30% with no recharging in the car.


    • John

      Is that the Mophie from the Apple Store?

      • ScanSpeak


      • John

        Thanks for your reply, I was going to hold off until AirPower but I might not now…

      • ScanSpeak

        If you have multiple devices that can be charged the AirPower frim what I hear would be better. Will charge a phone watch and the new AirBuds coming out at the same time.

        Also, and not sure but I think Apple will have a new standard for their devices for even faster charging.

        Maybe wait and see if you can

  • Jamessmooth

    The Seneo Stand. I am in love with that thing. Perfect desk companion. Although I may pick one of these up for home. I use sleep cycle, and it requires you to put your iPhone face down… not sure I’m ready to give that app up yet for wireless charging at night!

  • techfreak23

    Sticking with the 12W iPad charger at home. I was really adamant about staying off this bandwagon since there’s no real benefit to me with wireless for 90% of the time, but considering how I use my phone and how I set it down in my office, I might actually get a wireless charger at some point to have on my desk…

    • ScanSpeak

      I’m always using my iphone in the office in conjunction with my desktop.

      I can’t tell you how great it is to not having to worry about plugging the device in. I go on the road mid morning and my device is 100% charged. By the time I leave the office at the end of the day my phone is at 100%. I usually don’t need to recharge the phone at home unless I’m streaming. Music or Netflix I sit the phone on my mophie charging pad…awesome.

    • Eric Bartoszak

      The only real advantage for me to have a wireless charger is to be able to plug in my Bang & Olufsen headphones into the lightning port while its charging to watch movies and listen to music while on the go.