Apple today seeded third betas of iOS 11.1, watchOS 4.1 and tvOS 11.1 to its registered developers and members of the Apple Developer Program.

Matching betas for the company’s registered public beta testers should follow soon.

Registered developers and beta testers can update their devices to the latest betas over the air via Apple’s standard Software Update mechanism in iOS Settings → General → Software Update, the Updates tab on Mac App Store, in tvOS Settings → System → Software Updates on their fourth or fifth-generation Apple TV and in the companion Watch app on iPhone.

Apple originally released first betas for these forthcoming operating system software updates on September 27, followed by beta 2 on October 9.

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iOS 11.1 beta 2 brought back the popular 3D Touch app switcher gesture and included more than a hundred new emoji (also available in macOS High Sierra 10.13.1 and watchOS 4.1), including crazy face, shushing face, vampire, broccoli and more.

Other improvements: no more haptic feedback on wrong passcode entry on the Lock screen, multiple emoji keyboard suggestions, new UI animations and visual tweaks in the Health app.

Beta 2 of watchOS 4.1 introduced a Wi-Fi toggle in Control Center, a feature widely requested by the owners of cellular watches. The first beta of watchOS 4.1 brought with it a few outward-facing feature additions, such as a new Radio app and untethered streaming of Apple Music, Beats 1 and your iCloud Music Library.

For the most part, macOS 10.13.1 and tvOS 11.1 appear to be focused on bug fixes.

We’re installing the new betas to our devices and will report back any noteworthy changes. Feel free to report your own findings by shooting us a message at or reach out to us on Twitter @iDownloadBlog.

  • AOGV

    My SE has been sluggish as hell man hopefully this fixes it

  • k8l

    How’s battery life?

    • Great mate, been running it for a week and not had to charge it once

    • jennyzeroo

      Horrible. Sometimes I loose 12% in less than two minutes.

      Yesterday, I lost 98% in one hour and 50 minutes just listening to podcasts. That’s with a 6s Plus. the “big” battery.

      often i can literally watch the battery go down like a ticking seconds off a clock. Other times it stays at a percent for 20 minutes. then start dying again. I’ve never seen anything like it.

      It started with iOS11 and has gotten worse and worse for me.

      If 11.1 doesn’t fix it, i don’t know what i’ll do. I can’t expect to charge my iphone every 3 hours. And what if it gets worse?


    Is it stable?

    • DT

      It literally JUST came out

      • VITICO

        Sooooooooooooooooooo is it stable? lol

      • websyndicate

        It’s much snappier especially Safari.

    • Miguel Perez

      Finally a dominican, klk.

      • VITICO

        Trankilo aqui… Ya tu sabes..

      • iFLoWx7

        nosotroo tamo akii lo k pasa eh k no guta habla mucho con toh eto lokoo maninn

  • Wilber Alexander Flores

    Fixes pop up animations on force touch

  • Hmm strange, it’s still not showing for me

  • techfreak23

    Anyone else having issues with a sluggish keyboard? It’s usually only when the keyboard first comes up and then it’s fine after. I’ve been having this issue since I installed beta 2 (that’s the first one I installed of 11.1) and still having the issue with beta 3…

    • jennyzeroo

      I find a lot of things, stutter in iOS11. Apps crash. Antennas get warm for very little activity.

      Podcast App is a huge disappointment. podcasts don’t complete download by themselves, often require complete iPhone reboot. app crashes. Worst is I was hoping for new functionality, instead they took some away, made the screens confusing and some useless. It actually got WORSE.

  • jennyzeroo

    I hope his fixes DrainGate.

    My battery has taken a literal beating with iOS11.

    My 6s Plus battery drained 98% in a hour and 50 minutes yesterday.

    its getting so bad, i’ve considered taking my iPad pro on walks.

    what’s interesting, is i don’t think its affected my iPad pro at all.