Apple’s new ARKit framework for building immersive augmented reality experiences for iPhone and iPad is getting major support from enthusiastic developers ahead of iOS 11’s public release in the fall, with a new food-ordering technology demo showcasing the benefits of seeing near photographic-quality virtual foods on your plate prior to ordering.

The proof-of-concept app demonstrated in the video embedded right below was built with iOS 11’s new ARKit framework by a company called Kobaq, which offers high-quality realistic food models for augmented, virtual and mixed reality experiences.

It’s not hard seeing why restaurant chains might want to adopt ARKit.

An ARKit food menu could permit restaurateurs to present their foods in glorious 3D graphics, providing stunning visualization of the dishes and thereby opportunities for upselling.

As another example, an ARKit cookbook could be especially compelling because, unlike with 2D photographs and videos, it could give you a feel for the food’s appearance and portion size.

I reached out to Kobaq to see if they’re planning on turning this awesome technology showcase into a real app when iOS 11 launches, and will update if they respond. For more ARKit-powered demos, check out our ARKit archive and the website.

As per Apple, ARKit apps will be supported on iPhone/iPad models with the A9 chip or newer.

  • malhal

    Gordon Ramsay says never eat at a restaurant that displays photos of the food, wonder what he thinks of this!

  • Abraham Masri

    Wow. This is amazing!
    After ARKit came out, I wasn’t expecting much from it. Just an experience similar to Microsoft’s AR.
    Boy was I wrong. ARKit is a game changer.. it’ll change the way we order food, maps navigation, etc..

    • Iskren Donev

      Same here. In no way did I expect that ARKit would have such an enormous effect.

  • Jerry

    This is great but you know your gonna have those idiots ruining it for everyone “My food doesn’t look like the picture so I’m not paying for it” after they already ate 95% of the meal

    • Have you ever been to a fast food place? We’d all be eating for free over there every day if that was the case..

  • Mallouk Malek

    very interessting !

  • Boaz van Veen

    Thats honestly quite a disappointment…. Because i sure as hell wish that was not virtual right now.