Apple’s upcoming iPhone 7s has seen fewer leaks than its flagship iPhone 8 model, but that’s changing now with a trio of images published on leak aggregator SlashLeaks yesterday of a full iPhone 7s display assembly complete with a next-generation 3D Touch module.

We couldn’t vouch for the legitimacy of the leaked photographs at post time and were unable to determine if the pictured part really belongs to Apple’s upcoming 4.7-inch iPhone 7s or the existing iPhone 7 model.

Unfortunately, there isn’t much to be gleaned from the images.

We clearly see a cutout for a Home button on the front face. We fully expect the button to be of a non-moving variant like that on the iPhone 7 series, which could mean that the phone could continue using a Touch ID fingerprint sensor built into the Home button (unlike iPhone 8 which is expected to replace Touch ID with advanced 3D facial scanning).

For what it’s worth, the recently leaked CAD files suggest a front Touch ID sensor.

The alleged display assembly includes what looks like a 3D Touch layer for pressure sensing that normally sits between the backlight and the LCD panel. The familiar Lightning and power flex cables can be seen at the bottom of the unit.

Earlier today, well-known leak source Benjamin Geskin posted images of an assumed logic board for the 4.7-inch handset, pictured below. The markings on it where the processor would be seem to match the back of an alleged Apple A11 chip that was leaked on Weibo earlier this week.

Apple will announce new iPhones next month and we’re expecting three major upgrades in the form of the iterative updates to the LCD-based iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus and a whole new premium iPhone 8 model with a 5.8-inch OLED display panel, 3D sensors and more.

  • Thomas Gehman

    this is identical to the current display assemblies for the 7/7+

    • Jay

      Yes. Mostly. The difference is the black piece of plastic on the top of the assembly. Neither the current 7 or 7 Plus have that part.

      • Thomas Gehman

        I feel like that’s not actually part of the assembly, just something there during the manufacturing process. display assemblies for the Galaxy S8/S8+ have a very similar black bracket that gets removed before installation.

      • Jay

        I hear ya! But if thats the case we should have seen them at least somewhere previously. It looks like there are not tabs underneath like the current 7 displays either..

    • Not quite identical…

  • Jay

    I assume black plastic on the part is there to somehow allow the speculated back piece of glass to attach securely to the phone.

  • Pam Oakea

    Wish they would reduce the forehead on the 7s and 7s plus and then they could have called them all iphone 8 something. I don’t mind the bottom bezel with the fingerprint sensor but hate the huge forehead on a 2017 phone. Should be anniversary for all iPhone owners not just the ones who get the pro or X.

  • Charlie

    I don’t really understand leaks like this, you don’t get to see anything really.