Facebook is poaching Apple veterans and tasking them with building a “Siri-style voice assistant” that should power the company’s rumored wireless speaker and another upcoming device dedicated to video chatting, according to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman.

“Facebook is hiring Apple Inc. veterans to help it create a Siri-style voice assistant that would run on both devices,” reads the article citing people familiar with the matter who asked not be named discussing unannounced products.

Taiwanese trade publication DigiTimes reported last month that the social network is working on its own HomePod rival with a fifteen-inch screen built by LG Display using in-cell technology.

Facebook’s speaker should release in early 2018.

  • So that story I heard few days about the Facebook speaker is somewhat true. I am not sure how this will going to help us, but the stories I heard were talking about a speaker with a big screen which can be also used for video chat. Let’s hope for the best and ready to accept new technologies.

  • BlackPantherK

    Facebook is dead and they shouldn’t even bother trying to force people implementing Facebook in their homes. Rather have Apple in my home than shitbook.