The United States department store chain JCPenney announced on Monday that it is now accepting Apple Pay at its retail locations nationwide.

Moreover, the JCPenney credit card is supported by Apple Pay as well, allowing customers to add the card to the Wallet app on their iPhone and earn shopping points and rewards as part of the company’s loyalty program.

The company’s own iOS app will roll out support for Apple Pay at a later stage.

JCPenney’s point-of-sale registers now process all Apple Pay supported credit and debit bank cards, including the company’s own credit card and co-branded Mastercard, both issued by Synchrony Bank.

  • pnh

    I didn’t even know JC Penney was still opened for business. I guess they’re on life support with K Mart and Sears.

    • M_Hawke

      All brick and mortar retailers are suffering. Add to your list Macy’s, Staples, GameStop, The Limited, Ralph Lauren, and Payless ShoeSource filed for bankruptcy this month. The reason? Economy and online retailers like Amazon. Even Walmart and Target’s profits have been declining the last few years.

  • bigkool2

    This is because Sephora is about to join JC Penny and Sephora has been accepting Apple Pay for some time now.

    • Gregory D Foster

      My JCP has had a Sephora for about 5 year snow. Do you mean the brands as a whole are merging?

      • bigkool2

        It could just be local news I had glimpse of where the JC Penny at a mall near by is going to get Sephora..

  • M_Hawke

    I’ve been using Apple Pay at my JC Penny for some months now. Must be a nationwide roll out.

  • malhal

    Wish Tesco would fix their loyalty credit card to work with Apple Pay

  • Mark S

    Too little too late. Just keep closing stores J.C. It’s what you’re best at now.

  • Alex Wilson

    They start accepting ApplePay shortly before they file for bankruptcy. Seriously JCP, how much latter to the game can you get? I gave up there mostly because the families with 8 kids and 5 cousins rampaging through the store trashing it and unable to speak any English and getting upset when the staff don’t speak their language. The only place worse is Costco on Sunday after mass is over.

    I did give JCP a try when Ron Johnson came around and ditched the massive everything is on sale sale crap they are famous for, but even he couldn’t change the crappy culture and they went back to their old ways.

  • Iskren Donev

    I still don’t get the “we now accept Apple Pay” line. Is it a “we didn’t have contactless terminals until now” thing or is it more along the lines of “we were blocking it on purpose but now we have changed our minds on that”?