Neat freaks like me like to keep the desktop of their computers free of any clutter. That includes files, folders, and of course, the Macintosh HD icon. As a matter of fact, removing the Macintosh HD icon from the desktop is one of the first few things I do when setting up a new Mac.

Although pretty simple to do, hiding that icon is not very obvious to less tech savvy people, so in this post, I will describe how to remove the Macintosh HD icon from the desktop on your Mac.

How to hide the Macintosh HD icon from the desktop

1) Click on the Finder.

2) In the Menu Bar, go to Finder > Preferences.

3) Make sure you select the General tab.

4) Under the label “Show these items on the desktop,” uncheck the Hard disks box.

The Macintosh HD icon as well as icons for partitions you may have created will be hidden from the desktop. To have them show again, simply follow these instructions in reverse.

  • Glenn Gore

    For quick access to the fire browser, I like having the hard drive icon on the desktop. It is much better than having to backtrack through various layers using the Documents Folder in the Dock or clicking several times through the Go menu.

  • Shashika Mooruth

    I do not have ‘show these items on the desktop’ in my General Tab! How do I remove the icon then?